Gift-Qing Yun Kung Fu Tea Set – 10-Piece Ceramic Snowflake Glaze Tea Set

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Material: Ceramics
Classification of ceramics: ceramics
Origin: Dehua
Surface technology: snowflake glaze
Boiling Water Function: No
Teapot: 1
Tea sea: 1
Tea cup: 6
Tea strainer: 1

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Snowflake glaze

Snowflake glaze, created by Jingdezhen in Xuan De, Ming Dynasty, was made mature in Kangxi, Qing Dynasty. It is on the basis of fired white glaze ware and blows blue glaze juice with the bamboo tube on the surface of the ware, and then forms spots of uneven thickness and different depth; the remaining white glaze ground seems to be a falling snow, hidden in the blue glaze.
Snowflake glaze is a special decorative effect of ceramic glaze. Tea sets are characterized by elegance like snowflakes, deep qualifications and rich texture. The surface crystals of tea utensils made of snow glaze are smooth, smooth, bright, soft and full of beauty.
The teapot is a spout utensil for making and pouring tea. It is a kind of tea set, mainly used for making tea.


The teapot is composed of four parts: the lid, the body, the bottom and the ring foot. The lid has holes, buttons, seats and covers. Tea tasting means tasting tea; drinking tea. Generally speaking, this is a more elegant and leisurely artistic enjoyment.

Tea pitcher

Tea pitcher is a drinking utensil. For the containers that can hold a lot of drinkable (brewed) tea, can also be called tea pitcher, such as the Justice Cups.

Tea strainer

Tea hopper, also known as tea strainer, is one of the main tea sets in the tea art of the Han nationality. It is used mainly when brewing oolong tea in a small pot. Place it at the mouth of the pot and facilitate the placement of tea, so as to avoid leakage of tea.

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Qing yue, Shan shui, Ying ri

2 reviews for Gift-Qing Yun Kung Fu Tea Set – 10-Piece Ceramic Snowflake Glaze Tea Set

  1. Richard D Entus Sr

    The color and design graphics are great.

  2. Dan from KY

    Was a great gift. Wife loves it!!

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