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Hand Painted Ceramic Kungfu Tea Set Household Simple Teaware Set



Ceramic Classification: White Porcelain
Origin: Dehua, Fujian Province
Surface Technology: Hand Painted
Tea Plate or Not: No
Tea Cup Accessories: None
Water Heating Function: No
Product Quality Grade: Superior
Style: Pastoral

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This kind of tea set is made by underglaze color technology, and the raw kaolin mud is selected. After the baptism of hand pulling embryo and trimming embryo, the pure embryo is formed. On the basis of the plain embryo, it is manually drawn. Then, it is applied with white transparent glaze, fired into the kiln and formed in one time. Due to the high difficulty of drawing and low yield, it is precious.

Teapot: 16cm long, 10.5cm high, capacity: 230ml
Chahai: 8.3cm long, 9cm high, capacity: 240ml
Tea Cup: diameter 6.5cm, height 5cm, capacity 60ml
Tea Strainer: 8cm in diameter and 5.7cm in height

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