Hand-painted Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set for Home – Easy and Elegant

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Ceramic Classification: White Porcelain
Origin: Dehua, Fujian Province
Surface Technology: Hand Painted
Tea Plate or Not: No
Tea Cup Accessories: None
Water Heating Function: No
Product Quality Grade: Superior
Style: Pastoral
Teapot: 1
Tea cup: 6
Tea sea: 1
Tea strainer: 1

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This kind of tea set is made by underglaze color technology, and the raw kaolin mud is selected. After the baptism of hand pulling embryo and trimming embryo, the pure embryo is formed. On the basis of the plain embryo, it is manually drawn. Then, it is applied with white transparent glaze, fired into the kiln and formed in one time. Due to the high difficulty of drawing and low yield, it is precious.

Teapot: 16cm long, 10.5cm high, capacity: 230ml
Chahai: 8.3cm long, 9cm high, capacity: 240ml
Tea Cup: diameter 6.5cm, height 5cm, capacity 60ml
Tea Strainer: 8cm in diameter and 5.7cm in height

This Hand Painted Ceramic Kungfu Tea Set is ideal for anyone who wishes to elevate their tea-drinking experience. made of handcrafted ceramics with attractive glaze finishes, all pieces come together seamlessly on any table setting and features bamboo handles for effortless pouring while the bowl can double up as both cup and saucer – as well as delicate hand-painted designs of Chinese characters that add character and charm – it makes this set ideal for making Oolong or Pu’erh varieties with ease!

This Hand Painted Ceramic Kungfu Tea Set’s design combines functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it perfect for home or office settings. With its lightweight construction and dishwasher safety feature, transport or storage becomes simple when not in use. Plus, with long-term durability and an appealing aesthetic this set will become part of your daily tea ritual!

This Hand Painted Ceramic Kungfu Tea Set will make a statement wherever it goes – its timeless style will appeal to a range of contemporary tastes while maintaining classic beauty. Crafted from strong ceramic construction for durability and adorned with its striking pattern for subtle beauty that never goes out of style, it makes an eye-catching display piece or practical solution!

Here are a few highlights from this set:
Made with durable ceramic for elegant hand-painted designs and lightweight yet sturdy construction. Bamboo handles for easy pouring. Dishwasher safe for quick clean-ups.
Bring home this breathtaking Hand Painted Ceramic Kungfu Tea Set now, and add an exquisitely beautiful piece to every event or just treat yourself! Perfect as a present or just to bring joy into your daily routine when making tea with it!

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10 head Jingjie set, 10 head Longyue realm suit, 10 head longyuegong liantao group, 10 toulong yuexiulingtao formation, 10 touluanshantao formation

1 review for Hand-painted Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set for Home – Easy and Elegant

  1. judy allison

    I have always wanted a nice tea set. My husband told me to pick out one for our 50th anniversary. I was skeptical when I ordered this one until I got it. It is beautiful and I am so happy that I picked this one in particular. It is perfect. Packaging was great and it was delivered on time.

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