Japanese Teaware Set – Antique Style, 4 Cups, Kung Fu Design.

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Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Classification: Others
Water Heating Function: No
Surface Process: Others
Tea Cup Accessories: None
Origin: Dehua
Style: Japanese Style
Tea Pot: 1
Tea Cup: 4

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Do a good job in each piece of utensils, heritage, culture, tea ceremony, the three as one of the purpose of creation, adhering to the craftsman’s dedication to the creation, to create a piece of warm utensils.

Tea Pot: length 13.5cm, height 6.5cm, capacity 200ml
Tea Cup: 5.5cm long, 6.5cm high, 85ml capacity

This Simple Tea Pot & Cup Set makes an excellent home decoration item and gift idea. Crafted from high-grade ceramic material, this classic Chinese design provides you with an authentic antique experience. Experience Japanese culture through this special tea set’s combination of both tradition and modern features – both are guaranteed.

This 4 cup Retro Kung Fu Teaware Set is ideal for serving tea at parties or other gatherings, providing ample volume for sharing joy around the table. Furthermore, featuring a stainless steel filter to filter out unwanted residues ensuring maximum flavor every time!

Furthermore, the lid of this teapot fits seamlessly into its base for an attractive design that ensures secure pouring of hot water or tea – making this set an excellent addition to any household or office! This set makes an impressive statement.

Are you searching for rustic charm to add to their kitchen? The Simple Tea Pot & Cup Set is an excellent way to do just that! features stainless steel filter to optimize flavor; lid fits securely onto base for safe pouring; Lid fits securely into base to enable secure pouring
Ideal for any household or office environment!

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a pot of four cups of bamboo Charm, a pot of four cups of Xiangyun, four cups of fish in a pot every year, One pot and four cups have fish blue every year

6 reviews for Japanese Teaware Set – Antique Style, 4 Cups, Kung Fu Design.

  1. T.R.

    This teapot is perfect. I spent a lot of time looking for a reasonably price teapot that looks good, holds a lot of liquid and doesn’t drip when being poured. This hits all the points!!!

  2. SL。214

    Sooo beautiful for decor in kitchen or for use the cups are small teacups but this set is soo elegant and classy also the set looks exactly Like pictures but looks even beautiful in person

  3. Vanessa

    Looks great

  4. Connie

    My niece really loved it! Will be back to order again from this vendor!

  5. Ashley Black

    The set is very attractive.

  6. Bretton

    Love it. Bought after returning from China for my work office. Love the size of the cups. Many compliments on the look! The strainer is a neat design that connects to the tea pot nose. I didn’t realize this at first and thought they had forgotten it.

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