Handmade Glass Tea Cup Set of 6


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Immerse in the Serene Art of Tea with Our Exquisite Crystal Teacups

Crafted from heat-resistant glass, our crystal teacups exude timeless elegance. Available in a captivating array of hues, including vibrant golden yellow, serene lucency, azure blue, emerald green, enigmatic purple, and delicate pink, they elevate any tea ceremony.

With exacting dimensions of 5.3cm in inside diameter, 5.9cm in outside diameter, and a height of 3.3cm, these diminutive masterpieces embrace a capacity of 35ml. Their weight of 58 grams ensures unparalleled durability without compromising their delicate form.

Surpassing the resilience of ordinary glass, our crystal teacups boast exceptional strength and clarity, making them impervious to wear. The solid, vitreous exterior produces an ethereal, silvery sound upon contact, amplifying the serene atmosphere.

The meticulously crafted base minimizes friction with surfaces, preserving your precious furniture and enhancing the overall tea experience.

Indulge in the exquisite artistry of our crystal teacups, where each sip becomes a captivating journey into the tranquil realm of tea.


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