West Lake Longjing Tea – Authentic Yu Qian Green Tea

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Storage method: dark and dry
Shelf life: 540 days
Food additives: none
Technology: baking green tea
Picking time: Ming Qian
Origin: Mainland China
Provinces: Jiangsu Province
City: Suzhou
Growth Season: Spring
Organic Food: No

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Tea Garden

Longjing is a bud tea in West Lake. The tea garden in West Lake producing area has many shades, short sunshine and white sand and rich lutein. So it is tender yellow after stir-frying, commonly known as “brown rice color”. This is an important sign to identify the quality of tea. The better the quality, the more obvious it is.

Generally speaking, the later picking time, the stronger brewing resistance. In addition, water temperature, water quality and brewing methods are also important factors affecting the taste of tea. Therefore, choosing the tea that suits your taste is the most important.


West Lake Longjing before rain refers to the West Lake Longjing picked before the grain rain. At this time, tea photosynthesis takes a longer time, so the content of West Lake Longjing before rain is more abundant and more brewing-resistant than that of Ming Qian West Lake Longjing. The taste is mellow and the aftertaste is long. It is very popular with tea customers.

Tea characteristics

West Lake Longjing Tea is known as “Green Tea Queen”, one of the reasons is mainly due to the efficacy and function of West Lake Longjing Tea. West Lake Longjing Tea is a kind of cold tea without fermentation, so the effect of Longjing Tea is clearing heat and diuresis.

Longjing tea refreshes, stimulates body fluid and relieves thirst, and reduces neutral fat and cholesterol in blood.


Warm suggestions:
  • Tea is susceptible to other odors, so it must be isolated from other odors, especially wine.
  • Tea must be kept dry and stored in a cool place. And it is better to keep in refrigeration.
  • Tea water is very important, mountain springs are the best, mineral water is the second, and tap water destroys the taste of tea.

Additional information

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5 reviews for West Lake Longjing Tea – Authentic Yu Qian Green Tea

  1. Mr. Just the Facts

    Love this tea. Inexpensive, great flavor, lasts a long time. Everything you want in a good tea.

  2. Barbaea

    Tea is good! Personally, I prefer to drink green tea. I drink it with a touch of fragrance in my mouth. It tastes good, and the price is very cheap and affordable.

  3. Carter C. Lively

    I am completely satisfied with this tea. Measuring it is a challenge but I’m learning how.

  4. Audrey K

    Very nice dragonwell. Smooth and grassy.

  5. Wayne

    This tea came above my expectation. Nice and fresh, from a credible manufacturer. The loose leave tea tastes much better than tea bag. It works really well if you work from home. I had finished 2 lb of loose leaf tea since the lockdown, but this one is my first try. Will sure to buy again.

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