Jade Dragon and Phoenix Gaiwan with Enamel Porcelain


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## Enamel Porcelain Dragon Phoenix Gaiwan

Immerse yourself in the ancient Chinese art of tea brewing with the exquisite Enamel Porcelain Dragon Phoenix Gaiwan. Its vibrant enamel hues captivate the eye, while the intricate dragon’s head relief adds a majestic touch.

Ingeniously designed, the gaiwan features a comfortable bowl cover adorned with gold accents, exuding elegance. Crafted from delicate enamel porcelain, its translucent glaze allows the pristine inner glaze to enhance the tea’s vibrant hues.

Originating in China in the 14th century, the gaiwan comprises a saucer, bowl, and lid. Prepare your tea with ease by placing it in the bowl, infusing with boiling water, and straining through the lid. Inhale the tantalizing aroma before pouring into the saucer or fair cup for a perfect temperature.

This meticulous brewing method unveils the nuanced flavors of any tea variety. The gaiwan’s versatility extends beyond the brewing process; it can serve as a teapot or decant into tasting cups.

Elevate your tea rituals with this Enamel Porcelain Dragon Phoenix Gaiwan, a timeless masterpiece that honors the Chinese tradition.

### Specifications

  • Material: Enamel Porcelain
  • Dimensions: Diameter 10 cm (3.93″), Height 8 cm (3.14″)
  • Capacity: 150 ml (5.07 oz)


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