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Cuizhu Ya’An Green Tea – Super Class 2018 – Tongue Tea – Direct from Factory

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Product Category: Other
Origin: Sichuan
Seller-to-Seller: Packaging
Raw Material and Ingredients: Buds
Internal packing: tin foil bag
Specialty: Yes.
Geographical advantages

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The unique geographical environment and abundant water resources. More than 2500 mu of ancestral tea plantation + Jiajia family-run tea production enterprises have natural health and no pesticide residues, ensuring quality from the source.

Gruel of millet flour and sugar

The soup is clear and bright with a strong mellow fragrance.

tea dregs

Petals and tea buds white and green, elegant and beautiful

Dry tea

The color is light green, the bud shape is even and straight, the early spring tea, the bud head is fat, the granule is short and small.

Additional information

Weight N/A

100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz) SAVE 30%, 500g (7oz) SAVE 50%, Sample 20g (10g * 2)

3 reviews for Cuizhu Ya’An Green Tea – Super Class 2018 – Tongue Tea – Direct from Factory

  1. J.M

    I bought green tea after it was recommended for my health, and I saw several studies on it. I have never really enjoyed it before, but this tea was so much better than what I have had before in typical green tea bags or at restaurants. It’s very smooth. My tea comes out light green. The leaves have an amazingly intense green color and very nice aroma, somewhat like fresh cut grass. I am enjoying it very much. I will buy it again.

  2. Warren Routerbusch

    Use it as cold brew too and tastes great.

  3. Sal Wenjing

    You get what you pay for, I feel that this is not tea, but tea stalks.

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