Jingdezhen Enamel Porcelain Chinese Teacup


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## Exquisite Jingdezhen Enamel Porcelain Chinese Tea Cup

### Exceptional Craftsmanship with Enduring Beauty

Immerse yourself in the ancient Chinese artistic tradition with this exquisite Jingdezhen Enamel Porcelain Chinese Tea Cup. Meticulously crafted using the ancestral techniques of glass white enamel painting, this cup embodies the delicate balance between functionality and unparalleled aesthetic charm.

### Symphonic Design and Vibrant Colors

The cup’s surface captivates with vibrant blue and yellow intricately rendered in the time-honored interlocking branch pattern. Known as the symbol of longevity and prosperity, this motif adds an auspicious touch to every sip you savor.

### Versatile Composition and Practicality

Comprising a graceful cup cover, ornate cup body, and elegant saucer, this three-piece set caters to discerning tea enthusiasts. Its ample capacity of 380 ml ensures ample indulgence, while its precise design enhances the brewing and drinking experience.

### A Collector’s Treasure and Thoughtful Gift

Beyond its practical allure, the Jingdezhen Enamel Porcelain Chinese Tea Cup transcends mere functionality. Its intricate artistry renders it a captivating decorative piece for your home, collection, or as a cherished gift. Its timeless appeal makes it a suitable expression of gratitude, friendship, or congratulations for momentous occasions.

### Dimensions and Materials

Dimensions (Tea Cup):
– Width: 12.5 cm (4.92 inches)
– Height: 16 cm (6.29 inches)
– Diameter: 8 cm (3.14 inches)

Material: Jingdezhen Enamel Porcelain

### Embrace the Art of Tea with Style

Indulge in the refined pleasure of tea drinking with the Jingdezhen Enamel Porcelain Chinese Tea Cup. Its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship will elevate your daily ritual into a symphony of flavors and aesthetics.


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