Wuyishan Spring Golden Eyebrow Super Black Tea – Tongmuguan Jin Jun Mei Tea (Bulk)

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Shelf life: 540 days
Food additives: none
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Origin: Mainland China
Provinces: Fujian Province
City: Quanzhou

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Tea characteristics

After brewing, the tea has amber golden eyebrow color, light and sweet honey fragrance, and sweet and lubricating taste. The tea buds at the bottom of leaves are growing high and showing a fresh bronze color.

  1. Golden: Golden eyebrow tea is made of head spring buds, which are picked every year, and only the raw materials of tea trees in Wuyishan National Nature Reserve can produce authentic Jin Junmei’s unique quality, which is as precious as gold, indicating that it is a top black tea, so it is named “Golden”.
  2. Jun: Because its raw materials are picked from the wild tea trees in the mountains of Tongmucun Nature Reserve, and it is hoped that this tea can be quickly popularized as a horse galloping, so it is named “Jun”.
  3. Eyebrow: Traditional famous tea has the name of “eyebrow”. Golden eyebrow tea takes tea bud as raw material. Its tea shape is as long as eyebrow. It has the meaning of longevity and permanent, so it is named “eyebrow”. After being familiar with it, it is named “Zhengshan Tang” Golden eyebrow tea.

Tongmuguan has a high terrain with 96.3% forest coverage. Its main tea producing areas have an average elevation of about 1200 meters, an average foggy day of 120 days, an average annual temperature of 11-18 degrees Celsius, an average annual precipitation of about 2000 millimeters, an average humidity of 80%, a soil PH value of 4.5-5, and a soil thickness of 30-90 centimeters. It belongs to the typical subtropical monsoon climate. Here is the ecological environment where Golden eyebrow tea grows.



Brewing Method
  • The water temperature of black tea and suitable water temperature are beneficial to the extraction of aroma, taste and rich contents of Golden eyebrow tea. The golden eyebrow tea made from the tender bud tip of tea needs to wait for boiling water to cool to 80-90 degrees Celsius before brewing. The first brew is to wash tea quickly, wash cups and smell fragrance. The length of the first and tenth brew is about 15 seconds, 25 seconds, 35 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 10 seconds, 1 minute, 20 seconds, 1 minute, 30 seconds, 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • The dried Golden eyebrow tea?can be brewed more than 12 times in 3 grams.
  • In order to protect the villus on the surface of the tender tea buds and avoid the intense roll of the tea in the cup, water should be injected along the cup wall of the white porcelain lid or glass to ensure the clarity and brightness of the tea soup.
  • After the first boiling water injection, Golden eyebrow tea stayed in the cup for about 5 seconds, and then delayed every brewing for 5 seconds. The water can be reheated to boil in the later ten brewing.
  • The soft water with low calcium and magnesium content, such as mountain spring water, well water and pure water, is selected for brewing with fresh, colorless, tasteless and high oxygen content water.

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6 reviews for Wuyishan Spring Golden Eyebrow Super Black Tea – Tongmuguan Jin Jun Mei Tea (Bulk)

  1. Matty P

    This is a great value and has rich flavor which can be brewed more than once. I use this as a base in many tea blends to give it some umph! A bit on the strong side and benefits from a quick cold water rinse before brewing.

  2. Totemic Nellie

    I received Paris tea this past Christmas as a gift and was excited to try it. I had heard it was delicious. Harney and Sons have grown to become my favorite tea company. I’ve tried a variety of their teas and none have disappointed. I was blown away by the sweet warm flavor of this drink (with a hint of vanilla). You can’t go wrong with this tea on a cold winter day. It’s extra tasty with a teaspoon of raw honey. Yum!

  3. Sherrill

    Tea is an excellent value for money. Just open the tea and it will emit a strong tea fragrance. Until the 4th tea is still not reduced, the tea taste is slightly lighter, and the brewing time is slightly extended. Absolutely not let me down, it is indeed a valued tea

  4. cv

    The loose tea seems to have more taste then the bagged tea. Happy with my purchase.

  5. E. Roth

    Shipped on time. Nice and fresh. Good strong black tea flavor with an excellent kick of caffeine.

  6. Ramadan

    The color of tea and promotional photos is a little worse, but it tastes good, and the seller gave me 4 small bags of tea.

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