Dehua White Porcelain Kung Fu Tea Set – Ceramic Hand-Painted Teaware

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Product Category: Tea ware Set
Material: Bone Porcelain
Origin: Dehua
Surface technology: hand-painted
Product Quality Grade: First Class
Cover bowl: 1
Tea sea: 1
Tea cup: 8
Tea strainer: 1

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Chinese White – Oriental Art
Sheepskin porcelain – that is, Dehua kiln white porcelain, both different from the Tang and Song dynasties of the northern white kiln, but also different from Jingdezhen Qing white porcelain, commonly known as “ivory white”, sold to Europe, the French called “porcelain pearl”.

How difficult is it to make a porcelain?
After working 284 man-hours, dealing with 48 details, processing 78 porcelain-making procedures and high temperature calcined at 1380 °C.

Tea for health
White porcelain tea has a dense transparent billet, glaze, into the ceramic fire degree, no water absorption, sound clear and long rhyme and other characteristics. Because of the white color, can reflect the color of the tea soup, heat transfer, insulation performance is moderate, coupled with the colorful, different shapes, known as the treasures of tea drinking vessels.

    • Heat insulation design / anti-scalding beautiful
    • Curved design / smooth water
    • Thick edge/smooth and rounded
    • Smooth and regular/fitting to the lips
    • Soft and graceful/suitable for touch
    • Cylindrical foot / frosted non-slip
    • Thick and steady/comfortable to use
    • Fine mesh surface/even filtration
    • Smooth and round/easy to clean

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Carved, Flowervine, GoldLine

1 review for Dehua White Porcelain Kung Fu Tea Set – Ceramic Hand-Painted Teaware

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    Love the look-n-feel of it and is ideal for gift as well.

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