Glass Kungfu Tea Set – Heat Resistant and Transparent

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Style: Tooling
Material: Glass
Origin: Dehua County
Teapot: 1
Tea cup: 6
Tea sea: 1

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* Heat Resistant and Burstproof
The expansion coefficient of high borosilicate glass is higher than that of ordinary glass, so there is no need to worry about heating and cracking.
* Small Design and Exquisite Shape
The ingenious design of kungfu tea ceremony will let you enjoy the pleasure of tea tasting.
* Hand Painted Pattern
Hand painted pattern, showing “Chan”, full of emotion cup.


ChineseTea4U’s heat resistant glass tea set will make an excellent addition to your home. Crafted from high temperature resistant glass, this modern and stylish kungfu set boasts both durability and practicality with its slim design – not only beautiful but extremely convenient too for daily use! Here are just a few reasons why it should be chosen:

* Quality Materials: Constructed of high-temperature resistant glass, this tea set is built for stability and won’t chip or break easily, keeping its original form even during hot or cold temperatures while maintaining its shape and integrity.

* Easy to Clean: Thanks to its smooth surface, this tea set’s easy cleaning with just a soft cloth or sponge should prove simple and straightforward. No worries of staining or odor sticking onto materials due to heat resistance properties!

*Modern Design: With its elegant slim and modern aesthetic, this glass tea set adds a sophisticated touch to any home decor scheme. Its simple yet stylish appearance means it blends in effortlessly into existing interior design schemes without looking out of place.

* Multi-Functional: Not only is this set great for brewing your favorite teas, it can also serve as decoration at special events like weddings and parties! Plus it’s versatile enough that it can serve whatever purpose is necessary!

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

glass pot (white handle) + Zen heart tea cup set, glass pot (yellow handle) + Zen heart tea cup set, glass wind side pot + Zen heart tea cup set

11 reviews for Glass Kungfu Tea Set – Heat Resistant and Transparent

  1. Phil

    These tea cups are so small!! I think they hold about 4 oz each. Perfect for my wife though 🙂

  2. Lily

    The quality of the tea pot. That’s what I wanted.

  3. Orsi

    If you ever wondered how in the world could you restrain yourself and only have two sips of your morning tea…you found ur solution. This tiny cup holds only two sips of tea. And there is more! No more clunky big tea mugs!

  4. Kindle Customer

    The tea cups are extremely small. They look like Espresso cups.

  5. Richy Lee

    Great price for the size . I haven’t used it on the stove I just add hot water the pot with the tea bags. Cups are small for tea but good for expresso


    My children brought it for me for my birthday, and I love it. I use it for tea, coffee (occasionally) and for simple hot water. It helped with my switch to loose herbal teas and making the combinations that are right for me. I LOVE IT WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!

  7. Nadege Zitelli

    Got it as a gift for my wife and she loves it. It’s a beautiful piece and works perfectly. There isn’t a lick of English in the packaging but it’s extremely straight forward to understand.

  8. Walter

    Product looks bigger in the pictureNice. Size for sipping

  9. M. Sanchez

    This is sooo beautiful and functional. Had my friend over for dinner and I made tea with dessert. He loved it! The design, size, and how it works! Now I know what to get him as a gift!

  10. Charlene

    I love it …super cute but I think is really fragile I’m just extra careful handling it …

  11. Amazon Customer

    Given to my sister as a house warming gift She loves it

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