Home Master Chinese Kungfu Single Tea Cup

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Tea plate or not: no
Material: Ceramic
Water Heating Function: No
Surface Technology: Colored Glaze
Tea Cup Accessories: None
Origin: Dehua
Product Quality Grade: First Class
Style: Chinese Style


Sunflower Cup: Height 4.8cm / Width 7.2cm / Capacity 50ml

Soda firing is a modern firing method. Soda glaze is made by extracting minerals from ore and blending for many times. The finished product has special color and rich texture. It is beautiful and quiet. Soda green kiln technology makes the glaze flow, and the surface is randomly crystallized. With the nourishment of tea, the glaze will grow gold lines randomly, which will add charm to the utensils.

Antique blue glaze is a treasure in the traditional porcelain making process of Han nationality. Its glaze color shows white in the blue, and the glaze surface is randomly formed into crystals. With cicada wing pattern on the surface, it is more elegant under the moistening of tea. It is smooth and comfortable to hold. The shape of the tea cup is poetic and picturesque, with smooth lines, fine polishing at the bottom, and stable and natural, Each of them is worth appreciating, which not only maintains the simplicity of the clay, but also adds a thought-provoking ancient meaning

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  1. Ali M. J. Alaabdin

    very beautiful

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