Premium Chinese Blue Flower Tea Cup with Infuser


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Chinese Blue Flower Tea Cup with Infuser: A Symphony of Art & Utility

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of tea with the Chinese Blue Flower Office Tea Cup with Infuser. This exquisite masterpiece boasts an ingenious design that seamlessly blends the art of traditional Chinese craftsmanship with the convenience of modern tea brewing.

Unveiling the Secrets of Silver Gilding

The inner wall of the teacup employs an extraordinary silver gilding technique. Pure silver is meticulously ground into fine powder and fused with glaze water. This blend is meticulously applied to the teaware’s surface, then fired at high kiln temperatures. The result is a glossy, smooth surface where the silver harmoniously bonds with the teaware.

Golden Reed Marsh and Egrets: A Symbol of Hope

Adorning the teacup’s body is a mesmerizing hand-painted golden reed marsh, inhabited by a flock of egrets. In Chinese culture, these birds represent happiness and longevity. Their ascending posture conveys the spirit of progress, aspiration, and leaping forward.

Sapphire Azure at 1300°: A Visual Delight

The teacup’s glaze is fired at an astonishing 1300°C, casting a vibrant azure hue reminiscent of deep-sea sapphires. This mesmerizing color adds an exquisite touch to the tea-drinking experience.

Ease and Elegance in Tea Preparation

Making tea has never been more effortless. Simply place your desired tea leaves in the infuser, insert it into the teacup, and pour in boiling water. When the desired strength is reached, lift the infuser and rest it upon the saucer. Bask in the delightful aroma and savor the essence of your perfect cup.

A Masterpiece of Artistic Value

The Chinese Blue Flower Office Tea Cup with Infuser transcends functionality. Its unique balance of precise design and artistic beauty elevates it to the realm of exquisite collectibles. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or gifted to a cherished friend, this teacup radiates sophistication and cultural allure.


  • Infuser
  • Gift Box
  • Saucer


  • Height: 12.9 cm (5.1 inches)
  • Diameter: 15.8 cm (6.2 inches)

Capacity: 400 ml (13.5 oz)


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