Zhejiang Yunwu Green Tea – High Altitude Fragrant Spring Tea

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Storage methods: sealed, refrigerated, odor-proof
Shelf life: 990 days
Food additives: none
Packaging mode: Bulk
Organic Food or not: No
Food technology: fried green tea
Picking time: before Qingming Festival
Level: Super Level
Growing season: spring tea

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Tea Garden

Alpine Yunwu Tea is produced in Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province, where the certified area of organic tea garden is in the first place in China. Organic tea plantations are built on high mountains over 800 meters above sea level, with excellent natural and ecological conditions, beautiful scenery, fresh air, year-round clouds, mild climate, abundant rainfall, rich organic matter in soil, far from any pollution, which is very suitable for tea tree growth.
gao shan yun wu
Alpine green tea
Produced in beautiful mountains, with mild climate, beautiful valleys and waterfalls, which is an eco-environmental protection zone. This tea contains rich organic substances, which is similar to silver hook, uniform and complete. It is clear and bright on tea color, mellow and sweet on tea taste, which is good for home tourism, and is a gift for relatives and friends.

Dry tea

Pick up buds in early spring, choose a thick green leaf of a bud and two leaves, the color is green while the tea is attractive. The taste is very good.

Tea soup

Made of fresh leaves carefully prepared by steam sterilization, which is like the amber when being still, and like the agar when shaking. The tea soup is clear while the leaves are green, sweet as orchid, fragrant and melodious, which has a long history.

Tea type

Tightly knotted and slender, beautiful and slender green, beautiful appearance, uniform buds and leaves, full of charming Chang-An fragrance.

Tea characteristics

Dry tea fragrance: The green tea made before Qingming Festival is exquisitely crafted, which combines traditional technology with modern technology, and brings into full play for the unique quality of spring tea. The processed dried tea strips are compact, uniform in size, clean and tidy, green and lustrous.
The first brewing underwater, the tea unfolds, the tender buds appear, the bottom of the leaves is bright green and thick, and the posture is graceful.
After the third brewing, the tea gradually turns bright green to yellow-green, the tender buds show, the leaves are still thick and delicious, the tea soup is clear and bright, the color is yellow-green, and the impurities are few.

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2 reviews for Zhejiang Yunwu Green Tea – High Altitude Fragrant Spring Tea

  1. Leonora

    The taste did not disappoint me, the tea is very fragrant, drinking with a lot of chestnut flavor, sweet and refreshing, my friends are full of praise after drinking, very good tea.

  2. Andrea Lalama

    Love it

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