Yixing Purple Clay Teaware Travel Set


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Yixing Purple Clay Tea Set with Travel Bag: A Unique and Exquisite Tea Experience

Exceptional Craftsmanship and Raw Materials

Our Yixing Purple Clay Tea Set is meticulously crafted from high-grade purple clay ore, known for its exceptional porosity and transformative qualities. Through the nourishment of tea, the tea set gradually develops a jade-like luster and a rich, complex flavor profile. The high-temperature firing at 1300 degrees Celsius ensures a tight molecular structure, preventing fragrance loss and maintaining purity during tea brewing.

Designed for Optimal Tea Enjoyment

The teapot boasts an impeccably designed lid that seamlessly aligns with the pot, ensuring maximum flavor retention. The round spout facilitates a smooth, controlled water flow, while the nine-hole filter effectively removes tea residue, enhancing the clarity and taste of your tea.

The tea cups, meticulously shaped like eagle beaks, allow for an effortless flow of liquid. The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip, elevating your tea-drinking experience.

Additional Features for Enhanced Convenience

To ensure the ideal tea-making experience, the set includes a tea strainer meticulously engineered with a fine filter screen, effectively capturing even the finest tea residues. The tea caddy’s snug lid prevents moisture infiltration, preserving the aroma and freshness of your tea leaves. The versatile tea tray serves as both a tea tray and a tea washer, enhancing practicality and ease of use.

Natural Characteristics of Yixing Purple Clay

Our meticulously crafted Yixing Purple Clay Tea Set exhibits exceptional natural characteristics that enhance its tea-making capabilities:

* Unique Adsorption: The purple clay’s high porosity promotes strong adsorption. With frequent use, the set absorbs and retains the rich aromas of different teas, creating a unique flavor profile for each brew.

* Increased Vitality: Unlike ordinary tea sets, the Yixing Purple Clay Tea Set improves with time and use. Continuous cleaning nurtures the set, enhancing its sheen, smoothness, and overall aesthetic appeal.

* Thermal Stability: The sandy nature of purple clay ensures slow heat transfer, providing excellent thermal stability. The set can withstand extreme temperatures, making it ideal for direct heating on a stovetop.

Complete Set for an Unforgettable Tea Ritual

This comprehensive tea set includes all the essential components for an unforgettable tea ritual:

* 1 Teapot (Length 14.5 cm, Height 8.5 cm, Capacity 200 ml)
* 4 Tea Cups (Length 5.5 cm, Height 3 cm, Capacity 40 ml)
* 1 Fair Cup (Length 13.5 cm, Height 6 cm, Capacity 200 ml)
* 1 Tea Strainer (Length 6.8 cm, Height 6 cm)
* Tea Caddy (Length 7.5 cm, Height 8.5 cm)
* Tea Tray (Size not specified)

A Treasured Addition to Your Collection

Indulge in the captivating beauty and exceptional functionality of our Yixing Purple Clay Tea Set. With its exquisite craftsmanship, unique natural characteristics, and comprehensive components, it will become a cherished addition to your collection. Whether for personal use or as an unforgettable gift, our tea set promises to enhance your tea-drinking experience and create lasting memories.


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