Yixing Zisha Clay Tea Set for Gongfu Tea Ceremony


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### Yixing Purple Clay Kungfu Tea Set: Elevate Your Tea Ritual

Crafted from the renowned purple clay of Huanglong Mountain, this exquisite Yixing Kungfu Tea Set embodies the essence of centuries-old tea artistry.

**Exceptional Raw Materials**

* Composed of quartz, clay, hydromica, and hematite, the purple clay imparts exceptional strength and plasticity.
* Its natural porosity and ventilation foster a unique adsorption quality that enhances tea’s aroma and flavor.

**Exceptional Design**

* The compact teapot lid and ergonomically designed handle ensure easy handling.
* The porous filter in the teapot mouth effectively strains tea dregs for a clean and flavorful brew.
* The carefully polished spout facilitates a smooth flow of tea.

**Additional Features**

* Set includes: 1 Gaiwan, 1 Teapot, 10 Tea Cups, 6 Smelling Cups, 1 Fair Cup, 1 Tea Strainer, 1 Tea Utensil Set, 1 Tea Caddy, 1 Tea Brush, 1 Tea Wash.
* Weight: 3 kg


* Enhances the flavor and aroma of tea with each use.
* Becomes more lustrous and beautiful over time with frequent cleaning.
* Resists extreme temperatures, making it safe for direct stovetop use.

**Versatile and Elegant**

Adorned with intricate artwork, this tea set adds a touch of sophistication to any gathering or tea ceremony. It is a treasured gift that will leave a lasting impression. Choose the Yixing Purple Clay Kungfu Tea Set and embark on an extraordinary tea experience that transcends the ordinary.


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