Yixing Purple Clay Xi Shi Striped Tea Set


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Yixing Purple Clay Xi Shi Stripes Tea Set: A Timeless Addition to Your Tea Ritual

Crafted from natural raw ore purple clay, this exquisitely designed tea set boasts a dense structure and rich texture. Its vibrant hues deepen with each nourishing steep of tea, creating a cherished heirloom that embodies the spirit of traditional artistry.

Distinctive Features:

* **Striped Texture:** Crisp and bold stripes adorn the teapot, effortlessly enhancing its captivating aesthetic.
* **Smooth Flowing Spout:** Ensure an even, graceful pour every time you brew your favorite infusion.
* **Ergonomic Handle:** Perfectly curved for a comfortable and secure grip, even when handling hot liquids.
* **Polished Base:** The rounded foot offers superior stability and prevents unwanted slippage.

Natural Characteristics:

* **Unique Adsorption:** Perfectly suited for brewing a single type of tea, absorbing its delicate aroma over time, creating a unique and unforgettable beverage.
* **Improved with Use:** With each use, the tea set becomes increasingly lustrous, smooth, and refined, subtly reflecting the passage of time and cherished moments shared.
* **Resilience:** Its sandy composition grants it exceptional heat and cold resistance, ensuring years of reliable service.


* Teapot (225 ml)
* Six Tea Cups (50 ml each)
* Gaiwan (180 ml)
* Fair Cup (160 ml)
* Tea Strainer
* Tea Utensil Set


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