12-Piece Raw Ore Purple Sand Tea Set – Special Wholesale Price

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Origin: Dehua
Surface Craftsmanship: Handwork
Collocate with boiling water function or not: No
Cover bowl: 1
Tea sea: 1
Tea cup: 8
Tea strainer: 1

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Collection of treasures

Purple sand is a stoneware, which is a kind of ceramic product between pottery and porcelain. It is characterized by compact structure, close to Ceramization, high strength and fine particles.

Purple clay tea set

Purple sand is a kind of ceramics between pottery and porcelain. It is characterized by compact structure, close to Ceramization, high strength and fine particles. The fracture is shell-like or stone-like, but does not have the translucent of porcelain body. Yi Xing purple sand utensil has this characteristic, and in the smooth surface of the utensil, there are small granular changes, showing a sandy effect.

Sand Tea Ware

Purple clay pot, a unique handmade pottery of the Han nationality in China, is a collection value “antique” in the auction market. The raw material for making purple clay pots is purple clay mud, originated in Dehua, Fujian Province.

Warm and moist

Purple sand wares do not hang glaze, but make full use of the natural color of mud. After making by firing, the color is warm and moist, elegant and lovely. And the surface of purple sand wares also has Matt effect, which can not only weaken the reflection of light energy, but also clearly show the vivid effect of shape decoration and color of the wares.

Simple and unsophisticated

Purple sand pottery is simple and unsophisticated in texture. Without any flattering or vulgar, it is very similar to the literati’s temperament. Thus, literati love it so deeply and so much, or compose pot inscriptions, or write inscriptions, or carve flowers by using blanks as paper, and engrave seals on it, carry implicates via supporting objects, and think skillfully at every sight.

Rich and precious soil

Purple sand mud raw materials are mainly divided into purple mud, green mud and red mud, commonly known as “rich and precious soil”. Yi Xing purple sand is called Yi Xing purple sand because it is produced in Yi Xing, Jiangsu Province. It is said that in ancient times in Yi Xing, a monk suddenly shouted his selling along the street one day: “Sell rich and precious soil! Who buys rich and precious soil? If you buy it, you can get rich.” So it got its name.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Hei zi sha cha hu, Hei zi sha gai wan, Hong zi sha cha hu, Hong zi sha gai wan

10 reviews for 12-Piece Raw Ore Purple Sand Tea Set – Special Wholesale Price

  1. Amazon Customer

    Very nice

  2. Karla Urias

    I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend since we both like drinking tea. The color and material of the teapot and cups are great. I thought the cups might be too small, but I actually enjoy how small they are and how their size helps the hot tea cool down. So far, it’s working great. Recommended!

  3. Rhys P Gardner

    The quality of the tea set is good, the style is good-looking, fashionable, generous and classy. I like fine workmanship very much, and I am satisfied with it

  4. Barbara

    Very satisfied, very beautiful tea set, I bought such a good quality, delicate feel and exquisite craftsmanship when I bought the tea set online for the first time

  5. Francesca

    The gift for my father is very exquisite and beautiful. Long-distance transportation, but well preserved and without defect

  6. Terry

    The workmanship of the product is good, the high-end atmosphere is of high grade, and this tea set is very satisfactory

  7. Debra

    The package is good and intact. After opening it, it is as good as described in the picture, and the feel is also good. Looking at the high-end atmosphere, it is of high grade

  8. Kevin

    The price is super favorable, the performance is also very good, the perfect shopping

  9. Mia C Humphries

    Dad likes it very much, and the texture of the cup is very good. I like it

  10. Gracie

    The tea set is very exquisite, the workmanship is very good, really good-looking, come to the guests to drink tea is really very high-grade, a good shopping

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