Ancient Japanese Pottery Tea Set with Tray


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## Japanese Ancient Pottery Tea Set with Tray

Indulge in the timeless art of tea ceremony with our exquisite Japanese Ancient Pottery Tea Set, meticulously crafted in Japan.

The ceramic teapot features a sleek round spout that ensures effortless pouring. Its smooth lines exude elegance, while the spherical teapot head enhances handling stability. The sturdy, round base prevents spills and protects your table.

The intricate nature-inspired carvings depict branches, leaves, and flowers, adding grace to the pure white glaze. The four recessed corners of the accompanying tea tray facilitate convenient handling.

**Gongfu Tea Perfection**

Embrace the essence of Chinese gongfu tea culture with this complete tea set. Brew aromatic tea with ease using the included:

– 1 Teapot (350 ml / 11.84 oz, Length 11.5 cm / 4.53 “, Height 6.7 cm / 2.64 “)
– 4 Tea Cups (75 ml / 2.54 oz, Length 6.5 cm / 2.56 “, Height 3.5 cm / 1.38 “)
– 1 Tea Tray (Length 19.5 cm / 7.68 “, Height 1.5 cm / 0.60 “)

**Unveiling the Flavors**

Immerse yourself in the rich aroma and nuanced flavors of your favorite teas. This tea set elevates your tea-drinking experience, revealing the true essence of each sip.

**Perfect for Gifting**

Treasured by tea enthusiasts, this stunning set makes an exceptional gift. Its intricate design and exceptional quality will undoubtedly impress your friends and family.

**The Art of Tea**

Indulge in tranquility as you savor your tea in this traditional Japanese tea set. Its artistic beauty will enhance your home decor and transport you to a realm of serenity.


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