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It is the most basic function of tea to quench thirst, but many people feel this way when they drink tea: the first cup of tea is very effective to quench thirsty, but the more you drink, the thirstier. So what is the reason that causes you the more drink, the thirstier?

1. Phenolic substances

Tea contains polyphenols, which can form an impermeable film on the tongue at the entrance, making the tongue dry and astringent. When the film breaks, it turns into a common sweet back, which is also a sign of good tea. If astringency is difficult, the quality of tea may be ordinary.

2. Tea has diuretic effect

Tea has diuretic effect, which is the biggest reason why tea drinkers feel thirsty and thirsty. Research shows that compared with drinking water, the amount of urination during tea drinking is about 1.5 times more. Therefore, when you feel thirsty, if you want to use tea to quench your thirst. But the more you drink, the thirstier. Because the oral cavity and digestive tract are stimulated by tea water to produce metabolism, and urination reaction occurs at the same time.

3. Overheating Drinking

Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica mentions: “Tea is bitter and cold, which can reduce fire most. Fire is a disease of all kinds. The body will be healthy when the fire falls. Warm drinking decreases the fire due to cold, while hot drinking increases the fire and disperses the tea, and also relieves the poisons of alcohol and food.” Tea lovers all know that tea should not be a hot drink, Apart from making harms to the mouth, esophagus, throat and so on, but also produce a sense of dryness and astringency.

4. High-temperature baking

In tea kind, green tea and white tea are the coolest, green tea and yellow tea are relatively mild, red tea and black tea are relatively warm. For some newly processed tea, such as green tea which has just been desiccated and dried or tea which has just been baked, the “fire” is often not disappeared. Drinking will cause the rise of fire and thirst. Even a dry throat. This kind of tea is best put in first and annealed.

5. Quality of Tea

Some common tea materials are not good. It is because that the growth environment is not good, or the elevation is relatively low, or the craft is rough, the control is not in place, it will produce a bitter and astringent tea product, that will be thirstier once you drink more.

FAQs: Sipping Through the Mysteries

  • Do herbal teas also make you thirsty? Not necessarily. Most herbal infusions lack caffeine, but some might still have tannins. So, it’s a mixed bag.
  • How can I counter this thirst-triggering effect? Simple! Pair your tea with water. A sip of H2O for every gulp of tea can strike that perfect balance.

Remember, whether it’s quenching thirst or igniting it, tea has its ways of ensuring it remains unforgettable. So, the next time you find yourself pondering, “Why does tea make me thirsty?”, smile and think: perhaps it’s just the brew’s way of asking for another dance! Cheers! ☕🌿

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