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Product Category: Longjing
Origin: Zhejiang
Seller-to-Seller: Packaging
Raw Materials and Ingredients: Longjing
Cleanliness: 99
Specialty: Yes.
Warranty period: more than 12 months
Storage method: refrigeration

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Brewing Method of Longjing

Water use: Stone spring is the best water: mountain spring water, mineral water and pure water.
Tea volume: usually 20 cc water: 1 g tea ratio brewing; 150 CC water can brew 8.4 g tea.
Water temperature: 72 – 75 C, green tea is not suitable for warm and moist soaking, because green tea does not ferment, warm and moist soaking is easy to make the nutrients in green tea diversion.

The quality of green tea is clear soup green water, mainly because the natural substances of fresh leaves are retained without fermentation, so green tea makes people feel fresh and natural. At this time pour a glass of boiled water, you can fully feel the green tea sweet back. Thereafter, each bubbles increased by 5-10 seconds.

Degree can increase or decrease brewing time according to personal taste.
Taste: Take advantage of the heat to decorate, first smell its fragrance, then taste its taste, SIP while sniffing, shallowly drink. Although the amount of drinking is not much, it can retain fragrance on the cheeks, sweeten the bottom of the throat, relaxed and happy, not interesting.

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1 review for Bulk Anji Green Tea

  1. Qatdragon

    I have purchased this previously and it is a good, strong green tea. It makes good summer tea with rosewater and honey.

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