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Origin: Anhui
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Shelf life: 24
Storage method: cool and dry
Aromatic red whelk

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Qimen Black Tea is called Qihong for short. The raw materials of Qimen Black Tea are made from the local middle-leaf and middle-aged tea plant Castanopsis carlesii (also known as Qimen), which is a famous black tea product in Chinese history. Anhui Tea Farmer was founded in Guangxu Period, but the earliest recorded history can be traced back to Lu Yu’s Tea Sutra in Tang Dynasty. It is produced in Qimen, Dongzhi, Guichi (today’s Chizhou), Shitai, Yixian and Fuliang of Jiangxi Province. “Qihongte is the most popular and has a high reputation. Qimen Black Tea is the best of black tea and enjoys a high reputation. It is the favorite drink of the Queen and the Royal Family of Britain. It has a high fragrance and a long-standing reputation. It is known as “Qunfang Best” and “Black Tea Queen”.

Tea characteristics
  • Dry tea strip curl, dark color, golden appearance
  • The tea soup is red and bright with unique orchid and fruit aroma.
  • Leaf bottom soft red bright, uniform strip, durable blister
Black Tea Picking in Qimen

We only pick the first buds of Qimen black tea before rain. At this time, the tea is elegant and refreshing, and its quality is fresh and tender. Tea farmers are busy collecting tea and selecting the first batch of new tea before the rain. It has no pollution to the environment, grows naturally and has a good taste.

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100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz) SAVE 30%, 500g (7oz) SAVE 50%, Sample 20g (10g * 2)

9 reviews for Qimen Black Tea – Handmade Snail Shape – Bulk Quantity – Direct From Manufacturer

  1. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful tea…makes an excellent iced tea that is very clear, no cloudiness at all, has no fannings… every time I order this it’s excellent quality and better than any of the others I had tried before I found this tea

  2. Marc Dubeau

    Great tasting black tea. Earthy and delicious. Thank you

  3. JEFE

    Love it! the smell is fragrant and the taste matches the smell. I love it hot and cold.

  4. MR

    Smells and tastes amazing. Wasn’t sure I would like it because I’m not really into fruity teas, but this is so different. Every flavor is light and blends together so well that no single flavor is overpowering. Best tea for cuddling up in a comfy chair with a few biscuits and reading a good book.

  5. Carole West

    Awesome Product, fresh and worked perfectly with a homemade tea I was making.

  6. tim huxoll

    black tea is a unit of pleasure good black tea is made even better when it comes from the province in china



  8. Bradford Erdman

    Tastes good, the entrance is mellow, the aftertaste is endless, and it is very delicious.

  9. Shuang Lin

    The tea is clear and bright, the fragrance is wandering in the mouth, and the price is not expensive.

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