• by vinux

Using stainless steel cups for a short period of time is not a problem, but frequent use will cause polyphenols in tea soup and ethers in the tea industry to gradually transform into acidic substances, which will slowly react with stainless steel, especially if it cannot be cleaned up after use. Quality pure stainless steel is still ok.

If there are a lot of impurities in the material of the stainless steel cup, such as sulfur / heavy metals that are not qualified (just like Pu’er tea quality is chaotic), it will dissolve out these harmful substances and be unfavorable to human body.

Brewing tea should be done with very inert materials, such as glass/PC/purple sand/clay/porcelain, etc. The last three if chosen incorrectly can still present risks. Many substandard small workshops are not up to par in terms of technology when it comes to making purple sand clay and porcelain, and the heavy metal (mainly lead and cadmium) content is severely over the standard.

Therefore, choosing a good pot is first and foremost to see if it is safe, and then the four major elements of mud, shape, style and function. I personally suggest that you should choose a big brand manufacturer for shopping, and you must not take it lightly when entering. If you have already purchased ceramic pottery tools with purple clay soil, but do not know whether it passes the safety and hygiene test.