Yixing Purple Clay Xi Shi Teapot with Lotus Motif


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Yixing Purple Clay Xi Shi Lotus Teapot: An Indispensable Tea Enthusiast’s Collection

The Yixing Purple Clay Xi Shi Lotus Teapot is a masterful work of art, meticulously crafted by renowned artisan Wu Wencai from the renowned Yixing region of China. Its exceptional qualities stem from the unique purple clay (ZiSha), renowned for its remarkable properties.

**Distinctive Traits of Yixing Purple Clay:**

  • Unique Adsorption: The teapot’s exceptional ventilation allows for strong adsorption, absorbing tea aromas over time, creating a distinctive flavor profile.
  • Nourishment with Use: Unlike ordinary appliances, frequent use enhances the teapot’s beauty and luster, resulting in a smooth, graceful, and pleasing aesthetic.
  • Temperature Resistance: The teapot’s sandy composition and slow heat transfer ensure excellent hot and cold stability, preventing breakage even when subjected to direct heat.


* Material: Yixing Clay
* Dimensions: Length 13.3 cm (5.24″), Height 7.6 cm (2.99″)
* Capacity: 260 ml (8.79 oz)
* Origin: Yixing, Jiangsu, China

**The Art of Wu Wencai:**

Wu Wencai, a renowned teapot maker from Yixing, is known for her exceptional artistry and meticulous attention to detail. Her works have been exhibited worldwide, garnering prestigious awards and accolades. Each teapot is a testament to her passion for purple clay art, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern ingenuity.

Indulge in the refined tradition of tea brewing with the Yixing Purple Clay Xi Shi Lotus Teapot, an exceptional piece that will enhance your tea experience and become a cherished heirloom.


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