Yixing Noir Golden Clay Monkey Pine Teapot


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Yixing Black Golden Clay Monkey Pine Teapot

Immerse yourself in the art of tea with the Yixing Black Golden Clay Monkey Pine Teapot, crafted from raw black gold clay. Its ethereal black and gold hues evoke elegance and simplicity.

The teapot’s spout seamlessly integrates with the handle, echoing the harmonious connection between nature and artistry. The hand-painted monkey motif adds a playful touch to the time-honored tradition of tea making.

**Exceptional Qualities of Yixing Clay**

– **Air Permeability:** The clay’s porous nature allows for optimal tea leaf expansion, enhancing flavor and aroma.
– **High Discoloration Rate:** As you steep your favorite teas, the teapot gradually transforms in hue, becoming a testament to your shared history.
– **Neutral Brewing:** Brew a variety of teas without sacrificing flavor, as the clay preserves the essence of each blend.

**Meticulous Design and Craftsmanship**

– **Natural Spout:** Water flows effortlessly from the teapot’s short, naturally shaped spout.
– **Curved Body:** The teapot’s round body and graceful curves ensure a comfortable grip and pleasing aesthetic.
– **Ear-Shaped Handle:** The handmade handle, designed with an ear-like shape, is ergonomic and ensures effortless pouring.

**Unveiling the Artistry of ZiSha Clay**

– **Unique Adsorption:** The clay’s ability to absorb tea aromas creates a unique bond between you and your teapot.
– **Nourished with Use:** With every sip, the teapot increases its luster and beauty, becoming more cherished with time.
– **Temperature Resistance:** Its sandy composition resists both hot and cold temperatures, making it suitable for various brewing methods.


– Made of Purple Clay
– Dimensions: Length 5.08″, Width 1.97″, Height 3.23″
– Capacity: 8.12 oz


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