Yixing Chili Dragon Hexagonal Teapot


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## Chilong: A Mythical Masterpiece for Tea Connoisseurs

Unveiling the Chilong purple clay teapot, an extraordinary fusion of ancient Chinese legacy and masterful craftsmanship. Inspired by the auspicious creature from traditional mythology, the Chilong is imbued with profound symbolism of emotional and professional prosperity.

### A Dragon’s Might, Crafted in Clay

The teapot’s design captivates with the majestic form of a hornless dragon, symbolizing ambition, excellence, and unwavering determination. The intricate mud twisting technique combines tradition and innovation, creating unique textures that enhance its visual appeal and demonstrate the artisans’ exceptional skills.

### A Sacred Space for Tea Awakenings

The teapot’s spacious interior allows tea leaves to fully expand, releasing their rich aroma and flavor. Its precisely crafted spout yields a perfect arc, gracefully pouring water into the cup, reflecting the teapot’s flawless workmanship and design.

The hand-dug holes ensure a smooth water flow and prevent tea dregs from obstructing the passage, preserving the purity of your tea.

### An Ode to Mastery and Mystique

The teapot’s body resembles a dragon’s serpentine form, complemented by a curved handle like a dragon’s tail. This captivating design adds an air of mystery and allure to the piece.

### Beyond Brewing, a Symbol of Aspiration

Chilong is more than just a teapot; it embodies the pursuit of a brighter future. Its presence enhances the experience of tea, infusing it with meaning and inspiration.

**Crafted with Care, Eternalized with Legacy**

– Material: Yixing Purple Clay
– Includes: Certificate, Gift Box
– Dimensions:
– Length: 16.6 cm (5.7″)
– Height: 7.8 cm (3.07″)
– Lid Diameter: 7 cm (2.75″)
– Capacity: 230 ml (7.77 oz)


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