Glass Tea Set With Induction Stove


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Elegant Glass Tea Set with Advanced Electric Ceramic Warmer

Experience the pinnacle of tea artistry with this heat-resistant glass electric ceramic tea set. Boasting exceptional design and cutting-edge technology, it transforms tea-making into an exquisite affair.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Crafted from enduring solid wood, this tea set undergoes meticulous polishing to evoke the warmth and natural beauty of nature. Its inherent heat insulation and scald prevention ensure comfort and safety during use.

Advanced Technology

Touch control buttons offer seamless operation, while the digital display provides intuitive monitoring. The default working time of 25 minutes ensures optimal brewing, complemented by an automatic shutdown function for added convenience and safety.

Ergonomic Delight

The solid wood lid knob provides a comfortable grip, enhancing both heat insulation and scald prevention. The microcrystalline panel exudes technological sophistication and withstands high temperatures for unwavering performance.

Heat Management

Strategically placed heat dissipation channels prevent overheating during high-temperature operations, maintaining stability and preventing excessive heat buildup. This thoughtful design ensures the bottom remains safe to handle even during prolonged use.

User-Centric Design

This tea set prioritizes user experience through its innovative features. From the warmth of solid wood to the sleek microcrystalline panel and smart digital operation, every aspect caters to modern tea connoisseurs.

Complete Set

This enchanting set includes:

* 1 x 1200 ml Teapot
* 6 x 100 ml Tea Cups
* 1 x Tea Tray
* 1 x Electric Ceramic Warmer


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