Cognac-Handled Glass Tea Set


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**Exquisite Glass Tea Set with Cognac Handle: A Symphony of Elegance and Functionality**

Indulge in the art of tea-making with our meticulously crafted Glass Tea Set with Cognac Handle.

**Exceptional Quality and Durability:**

* Blown from high-borosilicate glass, our tea set is robust and resilient, withstanding extreme temperatures from -20°C to 150°C (-4°F to 302°F) without shattering.
* Its thickened glass construction ensures longevity and safety, free from harmful substances like lead.

**Effortless Brewing and Enjoyment:**

* The teapot’s cut-off design prevents tea residue from dripping and ensures a smooth pour without any unsightly residue.
* Its high-quality spring filter screen effectively removes tea dregs, enhancing the flavor of your infusion.
* The spout’s precision filter screen provides an additional level of filtration, leaving you with a pure and delicious cup of tea.

**Ergonomic Design and Precision Craftsmanship:**

* Beaked fair cups allow for a graceful flow of tea, ensuring a clean and elegant presentation.
* Heat-resistant handles provide comfortable and safe handling.
* Its unique and novel design exudes sophistication and style.

**Intriguing Visual Experience:**

* As the glass infuses your tea, watch the vibrant leaves or delicate flowers dance and unfurl, adding an enchanting dimension to your teatime ritual.


* 1 Teapot (Width: 14 cm | Height: 6.5 cm | Capacity: 200 ml)
* 6 Tea Cups (Diameter: 5.5 cm | Height: 5 cm | Capacity: 90 ml)
* 1 Fair Cup (Diameter: 13 cm | Height: 7 cm | Capacity: 350 ml)
* 1 Tea Strainer (Diameter: 11 cm | Height: 6 cm)

Whether you appreciate fine teaware or seek a thoughtful gift, our Glass Tea Set with Cognac Handle is a true masterpiece that combines exquisite design, superior quality, and exceptional usability.


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