Modern Glass Tea Set with Cognac-Colored Handle


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Elevate Your Tea Ritual with an Exceptional Glass Tea Set

Indulge in the art of tea with our meticulously hand-blown Glass Tea Set, featuring a sophisticated Cognac handle. Crafted from high silicon boron glass, this set exudes durability and resilience, withstanding temperatures ranging from -20 to 130 degrees Celsius.

The V-shaped water spout ensures a smooth and precise flow, while the teapot’s split design simplifies cleaning. The unique cover button keeps your hands safe, and the teapot’s built-in filter effortlessly separates tea dregs for enhanced flavor.

Our fair cup boasts an elegant eagle beak design for effortless pouring. The teacups are adorned with intricate scales, adding both visual appeal and tactile stimulation. The tea strainer, adorned with a charming goldfish, features an ultra-fine filter that effectively traps most tea dregs, ensuring an exceptional tea experience.

This exceptional tea set showcases an unparalleled blend of originality and functionality. Its crystal-clear glass invites you to witness the lively dance of tea leaves and flowers within the teapot. Whether for personal use or a cherished gift, this premium tea set will elevate your tea ritual to new heights.

Key Features:

  • Heat-resistant high silicon boron glass
  • Compatible with gas, induction, and electric warmers
  • Split teapot design for easy cleaning
  • Built-in teapot filter separates tea dregs
  • Elegant Cognac handle for a sophisticated touch
  • V-shaped water spout ensures smooth, precise flow

Set Includes:

  • 1 Teapot
  • 6 Tea Cups
  • 1 Fair Cup
  • 1 Tea Strainer with Holder


  • Teapot: Width 16.5cm, Height 8cm
  • Tea Cup: Width 4.7cm, Height 6.4cm
  • Fair Cup: Width 9cm, Height 11.8cm
  • Tea Strainer and Holder: Length 12.8cm, Height 7.8cm


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