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The Kung Fu tea set is made from a traditional Chinese material called Yixing clay. It consists of a teapot, two cups, and two covered bowls. The teapot typically has an ornamental handle and spout, as well as an unglazed lid. The two cups are typically small in size and have a curved rim. The two covered bowls are meant to hold the tea leaves during preparation.

Kung Fu tea sets have been used for centuries in Chinese culture as part of the traditional art of preparing tea. This type of tea set is most popularly used in the Gongfu style of serving tea, which emphasizes meticulous attention to detail, including the proper brewing temperature and pouring technique. As such, it is prized for its unique and elegant design that captures the essence of Chinese culture.
An introduction of Gongfu Cha set! When talking about Gongfu Cha, one cannot forget the Gongfu Cha set, which refers to special utensils for brewing tea, including teapot, tea bowl, teacup, tea tray and teatray. Having a functional and exquisite set of teaware paired with fine tea in terms of color, fragrance and taste is absolutely complementary.

The main tea ware for Kung Fu Tea is:

Ceramic teapot with lid: A teapot with a lid on top, a base at the bottom, and a bowl in the middle.

The Tea Sea (also known as “Gongdao Cup”): The Tea Sea, also known as the teapot or Gongdao Cup. It has a shape similar to a handleless open-mouth teapot.

3. Fragrance cup: Specifically for appreciating fragrance, the cup is slender and long, a special tea ware for oolong tea (Tie Guan Yin).

Teapot: Purple Sand or Vermillion Clay

5. Tea trays: wide, flat, can be made of bamboo or wood, preferably not plastic as it has an unpleasant smell.

Teaspoon: Cha He, it is the measurement tool before dry tea is put into the teapot.

7. Stove and kettle: Both electric and alcohol burners are ok as long as they do not produce an unpleasant odor when heated. Essential, most Kung Fu Tea requires boiling water.

8. Cup: Thin-walled porcelain does not affect the color and flavor of tea, and is easy to clean.

9. Cans for tea storage: Paper cans with sealed bags are the most convenient and economical, paper cans can block out light, sealed bags can prevent odor and dampness.