• by vinux

1. Rinse the teapot with warm water to remove excess tea residue.

2. Fill the pot about 2/3 full of warm water, and add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to the water.

3. Use a soft cloth or sponge to gently scrub any residue from the pot’s interior. Do not use an abrasive cleaner or scrubber as this can damage the pot’s glaze and finish.

4. Empty out the cleaning solution and rinse the teapot thoroughly with warm water until all soap residue is gone.

5. Dry off the teapot completely with a soft cloth before storing it away.
Do not use soap or any detergents to wash your teapot, due to the special function of the purple sand to absorb the tea scent. After using the teapot, carefully pour out the tea leaves and rinse it with hot water. Open the lid of the pot and let it dry naturally. Be careful not to let oily or other pollutions soil your beloved pot.

Some people like to use tea juice to splash on the teapot body when they are making tea, or use a pot brush dipped in tea soup to brush the teapot, even after making tea they don’t pour out the tea residue, they keep it soaking until the second time of making tea and then clean it up, thinking that this way can make the pot brighter faster. In fact, this is not acceptable because the tea residues in the teapot will produce a large number of microorganisms for a long time and be harmful to human body as well as being unsanitary. In the end, either the pot will become black and red or be very bright, which has been said in Mingzhou Gaoqi’s book “This kind of light is like monk’s light; it is not elegant or splashy, not acceptable”.

Crystal clear, moist but not greasy, pearl round and jade moist.

When making tea, do not leave excess tea and water on the pot body. Wipe it off with a caring pen or cloth afterwards. Then rinse with boiling water inside and out (note: must use boiling water and make sure it is dried inside and out). Use a clean cloth to wipe the pot completely, then put it on the shelf. This way, you will eventually produce the best artistic effect from the inside out – crystal clear, moist but not greasy, round like a pearl. Also remind teapot friends that pottery should not be rushed, or else you will get less than what you pay for. Every detail should be taken care of carefully; at least have that feeling in order to achieve true meaning in caring for teapots.