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1. Consider the material: high-quality tea ware is typically made from porcelain, ceramic or glass.
2. Choose the right size and shape: for larger servings of tea, opt for a teapot with a large opening and deep body. For more intimate gatherings, smaller teapots are ideal.
3. Pick a design that suits your style: there are many traditional Chinese designs available as well as contemporary and modern styles.
4. Check its quality: look for signs of good craftsmanship such as even glaze coverage, detailed carvings and smooth edges.
To brew a good pot of tea, it is not enough to have good tea alone. You also need good Kung Fu tea ware. So how do you choose good Kung Fu tea ware? Here’s a detailed introduction for you.

First, Selection of Teapots
1. Choose teapots according to the size of your family;
2. Consider the material and craftsmanship of teapots;
3. Pick one that matches your kitchenware;
4. Pay attention to the design and practicability of teapots.

It is best to choose a teapot made of purple sand or red clay as the material. The size of the teapot should be selected after making tea, with a water output of three or four cups.

Second, Selection of Tea Tray

When choosing a tea tray, one should select one that is appropriate for the purpose. The size and style will depend on the type of tea ceremony being conducted, as well as the number of people involved in it. Generally speaking, a tray made of lacquer or bamboo is preferred. It should be wide enough to hold a teapot, cups, and other items needed for preparing a pot of tea. In addition, decoration may be added to enhance the elegance of the setting.

When selecting a tea tray, it is best to choose one that is wide and flat. Both bamboo and wood can be used for its making, while plastic should be avoided as it may produce unpleasant odor.

Third, selection of tea spoon and tea scoop

When preparing tea, the selection of the proper tools is important. For making brewed tea, a teaspoon or a tea scoop is needed. The teaspoon is used to measure the amount of loose leaf tea while the tea scoop is used to scoop up or stir the leaves in the teapot. It is recommended to choose one with a long handle so as to conveniently reach into the teapot.

The material of the tea spoon and tea strainer can be either bamboo or wood but purple sandalwood is also a consideration. The size of the tea spoon is also important, as it will affect the strength, aroma, and taste of the brewed tea.

Fourth, Selection of Teacup

Selecting a teacup should be based on the type and amount of tea to be brewed. Generally, for brewing green tea, you should use a small cup; for black tea, you may use a slightly larger cup; for Oolong tea, you can use either a small or large cup depending on your preference. The size of the cup should also depend on how much tea is used. For instance, if one spoonful of tea leaves is used to brew 8 ounces (240ml) of water, then a teacup with 8-ounce capacity is recommended.

The choice of teacup is also very important, as it is a tool used for drinking. The best choice for a teacup is thin-walled white porcelain, which will not affect the color and flavor of the tea.

Five, Selection of Teapots

When selecting a teapot, pay attention to its material. The teapot should be made of high-quality clay, which is fired at a high temperature and has a smooth surface. Avoid teapots made of inferior materials or low-fired clay, as they will not be able to draw out the flavor of the tea leaves. Consider also the size and shape of the spout and handle when choosing a teapot. The spout should be wide enough for water to pour out smoothly, while the handle should fit comfortably in one’s hand. Finally, check for any crack or chip on the body or lid.

A tea canister is a tool used to store tea leaves. Paper cans are convenient to carry, and iron cans are also a good choice for light shielding and moisture resistance.