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1. Place the tea ware on a flat surface before using it;
2. Put the right amount of loose tea leaves into the teapot or teacup;
3. Pour hot water into the teapot or teacup;
4. Swirl or stir the tea leaves to evenly soak them in hot water;
5. Wait for a few minutes until the brewed tea is ready to be served;
6. Enjoy your freshly-brewed cup of tea!
7. Tea ware can also be used as decorations, adding an aesthetic touch to any environment.
Chinese tea ware has a wide variety of types, beautiful shapes and high artistic value in addition to its practical use. In its narrowest definition, tea ware refers to items such as teacups, teapots, teacups, tea plates, teacups and tea trays used for drinking tea. So what are the uses and functions of tea ware? Let’s take a look.

Tea Tray

Different materials such as solid wood, jade, bamboo, ceramics, stones, purple sand and so on are used to contain tea sets, and the prices vary accordingly.

Electric Water Kettle

Modern people mostly don’t have the conditions to achieve “the fire from the bamboo stove boils and turns red” at home, so an electric water kettle is convenient and clean to use for boiling water.

Tea canister

A tea canister is used to store tea leaves, which are a type of dry goods. They are very susceptible to moisture and undergo changes in quality. It has strong adsorption of water and foreign odors, while the aroma is easily volatile. Generally, tea canisters are made of tin, iron, ceramics, etc.

Glass, paper and so on, among which choosing a double-lid iron colored tea canister and long neck tin bottle is the best option. For storing tea leaves, ceramic containers with small mouths and big bellies are preferable.

Tea and sweet potatoes.

This is used to display the dry tea (the one displayed in the picture is self-Jia·Nayong green tea). After loading the tea leaves, people can appreciate its color and shape, and accordingly assess the brewing method and quantity of tea leaves, then pour them into the pot.

Teapot or lid bowl

A teapot and a lid bowl are used to steep tea leaves. Generally, they are made of ceramic, glass or purple sand. After putting the tea leaves into the pot, pour in boiled water to steep. When steeping, cover the lid so that the temperature can be higher and it is easier for the flavor of tea to dissolve into the water.

The bowl with lid, also known as the three-talent cup, was widely circulated during the Ming and Qing dynasties. When put together, it was called “Heaven, Earth and Man Combining As One”, with the lid representing Heaven, the base representing Earth and the bowl representing Man.

Filter Screen

Filter nets are used to filter soup. When tea is poured out from a teapot or a lid bowl, it is easy to bring out tea sediment, so filtering is necessary.

Fair Cup

Also called the “Tea Sea”, a gongdao bei is used to store tea soup and pour it to people, and can also be used to balance the strength of the tea soup.

Tea Ceremony Group

Including teapot, tea sheet, tea clip, tea rake, tea needle, and tea sieve.

Tea Caddy: Used to store tea utensils for the tea ceremony.

Tea measure: Used to measure tea leaves.

Tea Clip: Used to clip cups for washing tea and drinks.

Tea Picker: Used for picking tea leaves.

Tea needle: Used to unclog the spout of the teapot.

Tea Strainer: Used to prevent tea leaves from spilling out.