• by vinux

Making tea is an art form and having the right set of tea utensils can enhance the experience. Common items used for making tea include a teapot, cups, saucers, and strainers or infusers. A teapot is used to steep the tea leaves in hot water. Cups are used to hold the brewed tea while saucers serve as a place to keep the cups when not in use. Strainers and infusers are used to remove the leaves from the brewed tea once it has been steeped.
“To do a good job, one must first sharpen his tools,” in order to make a good pot of tea, one must understand the teaware and know how to use it. Tea culture is an extremely vast and profound knowledge. Lu Yu, the Sage of Tea, designed 24 types of tea ware for just the purpose of brewing and drinking tea. These 24 types of teaware are only used for brewing and drinking.

Due to the fact that some of Lu Yu’s twenty-four implements are not commonly used and have been replaced by others, today we are learning about the tea implements that we use in our daily life, which are quite a few.

1. Boilers: include teapots and stoves, generally seen in high-end places. Since it takes longer to boil water with a stove, the more frequently used one nowadays is instant boiling, which is more convenient and faster.

2. Tea tray: It is the base to place the teapot and it can hold the water leaking from it, so that the table won’t get wet when using wet pao method.

3. Tea Pot: Same function as a tea tray, but used for dry-firing.

4. Tea towels: When there is tea water around the rim or bottom of a cup, you can use a tea towel to wipe it up.

The teapot: This is a teaware used for making tea, commonly with lidded bowls and purple sand pots.

6. Fair Cup: Also known as “Tea Sea”, it is used to hold the tea in the teapot and evenly distribute it to guests.

7. Tea strainer: A frame placed on a public cup for filtering tea leaves and tea residues.

8. Water basin: used to hold the waste water after cleaning teacups and teapots, as well as tea water that is not needed when washing tea.

Nine: Tea caddy: Used to store tea leaves, can be used to show dry tea to guests.

10. Aroma Cup: Generally used in tea art performances, it is used to smell the aroma of the tea soup, and is used in combination with a tea cup.

11. Tea cup: Also known as a teacup, used to serve tea to guests.

12. Saucer: Used to cushion the teacup.

When making tea, the six “gentlemen of tea ceremony” which are essential must be recognized and learned how to use.

1. Tea strainer: placed at the spout of the pot, it is used to filter out dry tea leaves and prevent them from spilling out.

Tea caddy: used to store tea art supplies.

3. Tea spoon: Also called “tea rule”, used to serve tea leaves.

4. Tea needles: Used to unclog the spout of a teapot so that tea dregs do not cause poor water flow.

5. Teaspoon: Also known as “tea scoop”, it helps the tea spoon to move the tea leaves into the teapot.

Tea strainer: used for clamping cups for washing, also for clamping tea leaves, making it easier to appreciate.

Altogether, there were 18 kinds of tea utensils introduced above. Although it may be a bit much, each one is commonly used in brewing tea. It is evident how meticulous the process of making tea is; so many pieces are utilized for such a small cup of tea. From now on when we drink tea, let us remember to be grateful towards those who make it!