Baby Elephant Ceramic Tea Pet


Material:duan ni yixing clay
Measures:approx. 4.6×4.3cm (1.8×1.7in)

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A majestic companion for your tea journey, meticulously crafted to bring joy and charm to your tea-drinking rituals.

Behold this exquisite Elephant Tea Pet, a masterpiece that captures the essence of this majestic creature in meticulous detail. Its endearing sitting position and lifelike features exude an aura of quiet contemplation, inviting you to engage in mindful moments of tranquility.

This enchanting figurine is meticulously handcrafted from the finest light Duan Ni clay, a material renowned for its remarkable resemblance to the hues of a real elephant. The result is a truly authentic representation of this revered animal, bringing a touch of the wild into your tea space.

As you pour the warm liquid over this tea pet during your tea rituals, it becomes a gentle recipient of the nourishing infusion. Its humble yet endearing presence transforms your solitary tea drinking experience into a shared moment of companionship.

At Teasenz, we offer a wide array of tea pets to enhance your tea journey, from playful tigers to mischievous cats and, of course, this adorable elephant. Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of tea pets by exploring our Tea Pets category page and discovering the perfect companion for your tea explorations.


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