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Legendary Treasure: Jiang Po Ni Clay Toad Tea Pet


Material:jiang po ni Yixing clay
Measures:5.2×5.7×4.6cm (2×2.2×1.8in)

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Embrace Serenity and Attract Fortune with the Enchanting Toad Tea Pet

In the realm of tea artistry, the venerable toad tea pet handcrafted from authentic Jiang Po Ni clay emerges as a captivating companion for your contemplative moments. With its petite stature (measuring a mere 5.2×5.7×4.6 cm), this charming creature effortlessly blends into any tea table or tray, adding a touch of whimsical allure to your teatime ritual.

Unveiling the Essence of Companionship Through Tea

Seek solace in the company of this amicable frog tea pet, destined to become your confidant as you embark on your tea journeys together. Replenish its thirst with the essence of each tea session by gently pouring your first rinse over its diminutive form. Over time, witness the transformation as its surface develops a lustrous patina, embodying the story of shared moments and steeped experiences.

Etiquette and Placement: Unveiling the Path to Prosperity

When it comes to placement etiquette, this enchanting frog tea pet finds its place upon your tea tray or table, gazing in the same direction as you. This strategic positioning invites wealth and fortune to flow into your life, while avoiding confrontation with the door-god by refraining from facing directly towards the entrance.

Distinguishing Nuances: Understanding the Wealth-Attracting Toad

While conventional wisdom may suggest that a toad tea pet should face you, this practice is reserved exclusively for those adorned with a coin in their mouth, symbolizing wealth-bearing. As our treasured pet lacks this distinguishing feature, it faces the opposite direction to fulfill its auspicious role in attracting prosperity.

Delve deeper into the world of tea pet placement and unlock the symbolism and significance associated with these captivating companions through our comprehensive guide: Tea Pet Placement Etiquette and Their Meaning.


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