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Zen Master Yixing Clay Tea Pet Figurine


Material:zi ni (purple) yixing clay
Measures:approx. 5.5x6x7cm (2.2×2.4×2.8 in)

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Calm and Zen with Monk Tea Pet

Introducing the Monk Tea Pet, a true sanctuary within your teacups.
Exquisitely crafted from the finest purple zisha clay, this artisan masterpiece is born to bring tranquility and serenity to your tea rituals.

Honor the Venerable Art of Tea with This Gentle Sage.

  • A Symbol of Serenity: Unveiling the profound essence of Zen, the Monk Tea Pet embodies peace and tranquility. Embrace his aura of serenity, inviting stillness into your sacred tea moments.
  • Zen through Tea: Share your finest teas with this tea pet, allowing the tea’s essence to bring life to his clay form. Watch as he imparts his tranquility upon the tea in return, creating a synergistic fusion of flavors and serenity.
  • A Reflection of Harmony: Handcrafted from superior purple zisha clay, each Monk Tea Pet is unique, reflecting the imperfect beauty of nature. With regular nourishment from your favorite teas, he’ll evolve in character, becoming a living testament to your tea journey.

Awaken Your Senses to the Profoundness of Zen through Tea, and Discover a Haven of Peace with the Monk Tea Pet.

Care Instructions:
– Gently Rinse with Clean Water After Each Use.
– Avoid Detergents and Harsh Abrasives.
– Dry Thoroughly with a Soft Cloth.


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