Bai Yu Duan Ni ‘Qinquan’ Yixing Teapot Featuring Delicate Clay Painting: 280ml Capacity


Clay type:White jade Duan Ni
Measures:12x13x4.4cm (4.7×5.1×1.7in)

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Genuine White Duanni Clay Teapot, Crafted by Renowned Artist Xu Yao Wen

Indulge in the exquisite beauty and elegance of this handcrafted white Duanni clay teapot, a masterpiece created by the certified Yixing artist Xu Yao Wen. Designed for larger gatherings, this teapot is an ideal choice for sharing precious moments with family and friends while savoring the aroma of your beloved tea.

Drawing inspiration from the Qin Dynasty, the teapot features the classic Qinquan shape. Its simple yet dignified design comprises a rounded body and a straight spout, exuding an aura of timeless charm.

The rare and natural white Duanni clay, renowned for its low iron content, boasts a jade-like colour and a velvety texture. This exceptional clay is notably breathable, enhancing the experience of any tea variety, particularly those with bold aromas like black and oolong teas.

The remarkable landscape painting adorning the teapot is meticulously hand-drawn using various types of Yixing clay. Processed into a thinner state, these clays are skillfully applied with a brush. Achieving the perfect balance of thinness and thickness is crucial – allowing for effortless brushwork while preserving the painting’s intricate textures and depth. Only natural clays (hong ni, zi ni, lu ni, mo lu ni, duan ni, and hei ni clay) are utilized, ensuring the preservation of the art’s authenticity and purity.

This exquisite teapot is a cherished possession for tea enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry and cultural significance of Yixing pottery. It arrives in an elegant gift box, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the renowned artist. Elevate your tea experience with this exceptional Yixing teapot, a testament to the beauty and mastery of traditional Chinese craftsmanship.


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