Jingdezhen Ceramic Teapot – Large 1L Capacity, High Temperature Resistant for Perfect Tea Making Experience


Tea Plate or Not: No
Material: Ceramic
Surface Process: Others
Style: New Chinese Style

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Blue-and-white porcelain, also known as white-ground blue-and-white porcelain, often referred to as blue-and-white, is one of the mainstream varieties of Chinese porcelain, and it belongs to underglaze colored porcelain. Blue and white porcelain is made of cobalt ore containing oxidized diamonds as raw materials, depicting patterns on the ceramic body, then covering it with a layer of transparent glaze, and firing it through a high-temperature reducing flame.
The cobalt material is blue after firing, with strong tinting strength and color development.
Bright, high firing rate, stable color characteristics.

Width: 23cm
Height: 16cm
Capacity: 1L

Jingdezhen Large Ceramic Teapot is an essential addition for anyone who loves creating their favorite drink with fresh ingredients. Featuring an ample 1L capacity and temperature resistant design, it allows users to craft hot or cold beverages easily. Plus, its beautiful porcelain finish adds elegance to your kitchen or dining area. Here are some great features that set this teapot apart:

High Temperature Resistance – Thanks to its large capacity and durable construction, this teapot can withstand temperatures of up to 250degC without breaking.

Ease of Use – With its ergonomic handle and wide spout, pouring drinks quickly and safely is made even simpler than before. Pouring hot liquids has never been so simple!

Beautiful Design – From classic white porcelain to more colorful options, this teapot will certainly attract attention wherever it is placed.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Lid – Our heavy-duty lid will ensure that your drinks remain hotter for longer while helping prevent spillage during serving.

Eco-Friendly – Not only does this teapot look fantastic, it is also helping reduce environmental impact through its energy efficient design.

This Jingdezhen Large Ceramic Teapot is ideal for those who take pride in crafting the perfect cup of tea! Boasting its sleek design, ease-of-use features, and temperature resistance properties – you’re sure to savor every sip of your beverage of choice!

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Chinese Double Dragon, Indus style, Tangled lotus


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