Blue and White Qingming Shanghetu Porcelain Gaiwan


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## Delectable Tea Moments with an Exquisite Gaiwan

Indulge in the timeless elegance of our underglaze blue porcelain Gaiwan, adorned with the captivating artistry of the “Qingming Riverside Scene.”

**Mesmerizing Artistic Expression**

The Gaiwan’s round form exhibits meticulous brush strokes that depict a vibrant cityscape, capturing the bustling life of Northern Song Dynasty China. This masterpiece draws upon traditional Chinese landscape painting, immersing you in its rich cultural heritage.

**Exquisite Craftsmanship**

Crafted with precision, the Gaiwan features a smooth, luminous glaze that highlights its graceful form. Its hollow lid knob ensures a comfortable grip, while the polished foot ring provides a stable base.

**Artistic Collaborations**

The blue glaze pedestal complements the captivating scene on the Gaiwan’s base, creating a harmonious composition. Conceived as part of a larger collection, the Gaiwan echoes the artistic vision of the “Qingming Riverside Scene” masterpiece.

**Versatile Enjoyment**

Whether for intimate tea ceremonies or as a testament to traditional craftsmanship, our Gaiwan offers an extraordinary sensory experience. Its size of 180 ml (6.08 oz) and dimensions of 13.4 cm (5.2 inches) in length and 13 cm (5.1 inches) in height make it perfect for sharing treasured tea moments.


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