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Taiwanese Oriental Beauty Baihao Oolong Tea

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Storage method: refrigeration
Shelf life: 720 days
Food additives: none
Series: Oriental Beauty Tea
Category: Oriental Beauty
Growth Season: Winter
Region: Taiwan
Grade: Super Level
Type: mellow and fragrant
Taste: mellow and fresh

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Tea Garden

In alpine tea area, there are beautiful mountains and rivers, evergreen trees all the year round and unique growth environment. The average altitude is over 1100 meters in the alpine and cold area, 25 degrees north latitude. It is a producing belt of gold tea, and organic manor management.

All the alpine tea we sell comes from high altitude and mountain areas.

Our tea is green and fresh in color, elegant and elegant in aroma, pleasant in flavor, soft in water color, thick in mesophyll and high in pectin. It is liked by tea lovers because of its cold mountain climate, short average sunshine and yellow buds and leaves.

This Alpine tea is green and fresh in color.

It is for sure that each package is sealed by hygienic license. Consumers are more confident in buying.

Tea characteristics

Oriental Beauty Tea is Taiwan’s unique famous tea. It is the most heavily fermented tea in semi-fermented green tea. Its fermentation degree is 60% in general and 75-85% in some cases. Therefore, it does not produce any cyanine odor and is not bitter or astringent. Major producers are in the area of Hsinchu and Miaopiao in Taiwan. The origin of Oriental Beauty Tea’s name is reported to be that British tea merchants dedicated tea to Queen Victoria Huang’s clarified color and mellow and sweet taste, which made her praise endlessly. Since it came from Oriental Formosa, they named it “Oriental Beauty Tea”.

  1. Wash the tea set with boiling water before making tea. In the process of making tea, the tea set should be continuously washed so as to keep the heat.
  2. Take 7-10 grams of Alpine Tea and put it in a pot.
  3. Making tea should first wash in buffer along the edge so as not to break through the “tea gall”. Tea should be rolled when flushing.
  4. When water overflows the tea leaves, pour out it immediately, which is called “tea washing”.
  5. The first and second making time of Taiwan’s Alpine tea is about 20 seconds, and then each making time is added a few 10 seconds later.

Tips: The time of tea soup opening depends mainly on the tea brewers themselves, because their tastes are totally different (the effect of mountain springs on tea-making is better).

Cold brewing method:

Put about 10 grams of tea into 500 CC cold boiled water (mountain spring water) for 2 hours at room temperature or it is better to refrigerate directly for 5 to 6 hours.

Life tea brewing method:

Put it into a general container in the proportion of 1 gram of tea and 500 CC of water, such as a mug or cup, and pour it into 95 °C hot water for 5 minutes. This tea is durable and can be brewed more than seven times, but its color and taste remain great.

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1 review for Taiwanese Oriental Beauty Baihao Oolong Tea

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    It’s the same taste. It smells good. I can’t get used to other teas. This tea is very resistant to soaking.

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