Celadon Porcelain Jade Seasons Tea Set


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Enamel Porcelain Four Seasons Tea Set

Unveil the exquisite beauty and artistry that embellishes this tea set, a testament to traditional Chinese craftsmanship.

Enamel Artistry

Crafted with meticulous enamel craftsmanship, this set draws inspiration from the elegant palace style of the Kangxi era. The surface of each piece is adorned with a special glaze, hand-painted with intricate flower and bird motifs, and fired at high temperatures to achieve exceptional durability and a vibrant, three-dimensional effect that captivates the senses.

Auspicious Symbols

The central design features magpies and peach blossoms, auspicious symbols of happiness, good fortune, and a bright future. The surrounding lotus flowers further enhance the luxurious aesthetic, symbolizing purity and elegance, adding depth to every tea ceremony.

Practical and Aesthetic

Beyond its artistic brilliance, this tea set excels in both practicality and aesthetics. The thoughtfully designed teapot and cups ensure effortless tea preparation and enjoyment. The accompanying high-end gift box showcases the set’s regal presence, making it an ideal choice for both personal use and as a treasured gift.

Tea Ceremony Enhancement

Elevate the art of tea drinking with this enamel handcrafted tea set. Its enchanting beauty and symbolism instill each gathering with a sense of ritual and joy. Whether you’re savoring the subtle flavors of tea or appreciating its aesthetic allure, this set will elevate your tea ceremony experience.


– 6 Tea Cups
– 1 Fair Cup
– 1 Gaiwan
– 1 Tea Strainer
– 1 Gift Box


– Tea Cup: 65 ml (2.19 oz), Diameter 6 cm (2.36 inches), Height 4.6 cm (1.81 inches)
– Fair Cup: 210 ml (7.1 oz), Length 8.5 cm (3.34 inches), Height 8.6 cm (3.38 inches)
– Gaiwan: 190 ml (6.42 oz), Length 9.4 cm (3.7 inches), Height 9.7 cm (3.81 inches)
– Tea Strainer: Diameter 8.6 cm (3.38 inches), Height 6.2 cm (2.44 inches)


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