Chinese Ceramic Lotus Embossed Teacup


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## Lotus Empathetic Ceramic Asian Tea Cup

Indulge in the exquisite artistry of this four-piece Lotus Empathetic Ceramic Asian Tea Cup. Comprising a tea cup, cover, infuser, and saucer, this masterpiece is thoughtfully engineered for convenience and seamless storage.

### A Harmonious Fusion of Craftsmanship and Design

This tea cup showcases the brilliance of high-fired kaolin, its porcelain as white as pristine jade. The body adorns an intricate lotus floral motif with a gilded border, exuding subtle elegance. The round, ergonomic handles ensure a firm grip.

Fire artists meticulously create each tea cup by hand, leading to a small but extraordinary production. The controlled temperature of 1380° for 20 hours ensures the porcelain’s exceptional delicacy, transparency, and tactile comfort.

### Practicality and Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond its aesthetic charm, this tea cup balances form and function seamlessly. Enjoy the convenience of brewing tea leaves directly in the infuser, while the lid preserves its warmth and aroma. The included saucer protects surfaces and adds a touch of sophistication.

### A Unique Gift for Every Occasion

Whether individually or presented in a gift box, this Lotus Empathetic Ceramic Asian Tea Cup makes an extraordinary token of appreciation or a memorable present for special milestones such as birthdays, weddings, or retirements.

### Add a Cultural Touch to Your Home

Display this tea cup on your mantle or shelf for a captivating artistic statement. Its harmonious blend of traditional motifs and modern lines will elevate any decor.

### Details:

– Material: Porcelain
– Includes: Lid, Infuser, Gift Box, Saucer
– Capacity: 350 ml (11.8 oz)
– Dimensions: Height 13 cm (5.2 inches), Diameter 8 cm (3.2 inches)


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