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Zhangping Narcissus Tea – Tea Cake Super Strong Fragrance Orchid-flavor New Tea – Pure Handmade Oolong Tea

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Shape of Oolong Tea Dry Tea: Strong Knots
Origin: China
Provinces: Fujian Province
City: Longyan City
Taste: Strong Fragrance
Organic Food or not: No
Taste: mellow and sweet
Species: Narcissus
Grade: Super Level
Growth Season: Autumn

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Tea Garden

Narcissus tea is a famous tea created by Fujian tea growers. It belongs to one of the excellent varieties of Chinese tea and one of the Oolong teas in Fujian.

Narcissus tea has a strong shape, green-brown color, rich and precious color. Some of its leaves have sand grains on the back. Its main veins are wide and flat, and its fragrance is strong. It has a unique “orchid fragrance”. Its taste is rich and mellow, its throat is clear, and it is sweet and refreshing. Its soup color is rich and bright with deep orange yellow. It is resistant to brewing, its bottom is soft and bright, and its leaves edge is bright red.

  1. This is organic tea that follows nature.
  2. 5200 Mu original ecological protection forest
  3. Maintenance of 1000 Mu Sandalwood Narcissus Tea Garden

Natural spring water irrigation, pesticide-free and fertilizer-free. There is no large factories and mines in 30 miles square. Natural spring water irrigation, water reservoir at 700 meters sea level, and 6 reservoir at 550 meters above sea level

shui xian

Brewing Method

For details, we insist that as an ordinary tea customer, it is not necessarily to taste the difference between organic tea and non-organic tea, but we still insist on recommending organic tea. Although the price of organic tea is higher, organic tea has a set of very strict standards from its production, management, transportation, storage and certification and so on. If you are a person who pursues the quality of tea drinking, it’s worth your trying.

When making tea and boiling water, we should boil it quickly and not slowly. It’s better to just boil and foam. Boil tea in soft water, and the tea soup will have a better flavor! If the water boils too long, it is what the ancients called “old water”. At this time, the dissolved carbon dioxide in water evaporates, and the fresh taste of tea is lost. The temperature of tea-making depends mainly on what kind of tea to brew. Green tea can’t be brewed with boiling water at 100 °C. It is suitable to use 80 °C~90 °C.

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1 review for Zhangping Narcissus Tea – Tea Cake Super Strong Fragrance Orchid-flavor New Tea – Pure Handmade Oolong Tea

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    ちはる 杉山

    The fragrance of Qingtian tea tastes very refreshing without bitterness. I like it very much.

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