Changbai Mountain Black Tea with Clove Flavor – From Northeast Region

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Product Category: Clove Tea
Origin: Jilin
Ingredients and Ingredients: Clove Leaves
Specialty: Yes
Storage method: cool and dry

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Tea Garden

Unpolluted natural black soil, coniferous broad-leaved forest layer distribution, soft and fertile corrosive layer, which undergoes natural decomposition of organisms, contains abundant auxiliary materials and provides growth conditions for plants, known as the Treasury of natural resources.
Changbai Mountain Clove Tea

Tea characteristics

After picking and manual selecting, cleaning, drying, screening impurities and debris, it uses the ancient method of manual processing, fries and dehydrates, so as to maintain the original flavor of tea.

Additional information

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100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz) SAVE 30%, 500g (7oz) SAVE 50%, Sample 20g (10g * 2)

11 reviews for Changbai Mountain Black Tea with Clove Flavor – From Northeast Region

  1. ILAP

    I enjoy it with some local raw honey. Great flavor! Keeping it in my stock of great teas.

  2. W. Zhi

    Has the yunnan black tea fragrance , love it! Will buy again

  3. Annakatinka

    My daughter and I love this tea. We love it so much that I buy both the tea bags (morning quickie) and the loose tea (afternoon pot). If you have a friend who is on the fence about tea start them with this….you might say it is a gateway tea that will convince them that they are, in fact, tea lovers!

  4. Kindle Customer

    This is very tasty and fresh. This is a very good deal for this large amount.

  5. John Percival

    Very good tea. Earthy taste. We enjoy strong teas.

  6. Pamela G.

    Have this every morning.

  7. Qiang Wang

    Not bad.

  8. Mr. E. Sauce

    I love this tea.

  9. Lupe Martinez

    Express delivery would be perfect if it were faster. It’s my favorite black tea. It tastes pure.

  10. Gaius Julius Ceasar

    My first brew, I put same amount as I did with other tea and it ended up being too strong… that’s good. Overall, I think it’s a quality tea, but I can’t tell you if it’s an earthshattering difference… I drink mine chilled with lemon, so maybe it kills some of the nuanced noted, but overall, I like it.

  11. Linda B.

    Brand always been reliable (and still is)

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