Fox Shuiping Yixing Teapot: Nine-Tailed Fox Beauty


Clay type:Duan ni clay
Content:Approx. 160ml (5.4oz)
Measures:12.6×6.9cm (4.95×2.7in)

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A Fox Unveiled: Nine-tailed Beauty on a Yixing Clay Canvas

Embracing History’s Elegance

Witness the union of artistry and heritage in this breathtaking classic shuiping teapot. Handcrafted by certified Yixing artist Rao Qing, skilled potter from a dynasty known for their exquisite ceramic artistry, this teapot is an exceptional creation.

From the Heart of Yixing’s Mountains

The teapot takes form from ancient Duan Ni clay, hailing from Huanglong Mountain’s mystic valleys. Aged and weathered by time, this clay’s unique structure offers a naturally porous surface that is highly receptive to tea’s intricate flavours. As it rests within, the teapot blooms with rich aroma and taste, unveiling the true character of each tea.

A Tale of Nine Tails Unfolding

The teapot’s captivating aspect lies in the legendary nine-tailed fox, meticulously painted on its surface using traditional clay painting techniques. This mystical figure, seasoned with symbolism of luck and marital bliss, transports you into the realm of Chinese and Japanese folklore, allowing you to appreciate the cultural tapestry of the East.

Discover the Harmony of Design

The term shuiping speaks volumes about the teapot’s equilibrium in water. Its ingenious shape allows it to float gracefully in hot water, gently releasing tea’s essence. Tea connoisseurs find solace in the teapot’s ability to amplify the tea’s flavour, resulting in an immersive experience that tantalizes the senses.

An Extraordinary Journey Unveiled

Enter the world of clay painting, a realm where artistry and imagination converge. This ancient method transforms Zisha’s diverse colour palette into vibrant paintings, brushed upon the teapot’s surface with masterful precision. Each stroke, each detail, narrates a story, unveiling the artist’s soul and boundless creativity.


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