Handmade Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set for Household Use – Lanzhiyusu Fired


Tea plate or not: no
Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Classification: Others
Water Heating Function: No
Surface Process: Others
Tea Cup Accessories: None
Style: New Chinese Style

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‘- 106 Mud is clean and white.
The kaolin mud developed by 106 times of tests, is used to produce pure white jade.

– It’s convenient to put tea in a large-diameter pot.
The calibre stool can be fed in the tea pot, which is conducive to the release of tea fragrance.

– The water flows smoothly and the tea is delicious.
The water flow is smooth and does not block the tea, and the water directly hits the bottom of the cup.

– Inverted cover does not fall off, strong sealing.
Tea cover upside down does not fall off, showing the superb production technology, high collection value.

This Dehua White Porcelain Lanzhiyusu Fired Handmade Teapot is the ideal choice for both experienced tea drinkers and casual enthusiasts. Boasting an elegant design that makes a statement in any kitchen, this exquisite porcelain teapot underwent an intensive firing process to achieve its glossy finish – one which will endure years of use! Featuring a wide spout and round handle to help pour hot tea without spillage, its size can serve up to four people at once while its unique shape helps maintain warmth longer.
Dehua White Porcelain Teapot Lanzhiyusu Fired Handmade Pot is created by experienced artisans for exceptional quality. Utilising high-grade porcelain fired at very high temperatures to increase durability.
This ergonomic product boasts an easy to use large handle and wide spout for optimal use, along with a removable mesh infuser for effortless tea brewing.
A stylish teapot can add a touch of sophistication to any space, and this Dehua White Porcelain Teapot Lanzhiyusu Fired Handmade Pot is an eye-catching piece. Perfect for serving hot tea after meals or simply as an attractive accent piece! Give as a thoughtful present or add this beautiful piece to your own collection – either way it makes the ideal statement!

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