Lanzhiyusu Fired Handmade Household Ceramic Single Kung Fu Tea Set


Tea plate or not: no
Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Classification: Others
Water Heating Function: No
Surface Process: Others
Tea Cup Accessories: None
Style: New Chinese Style

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– 106 Mud is clean and white.
The kaolin mud developed by 106 times of tests, is used to produce pure white jade.

– It’s convenient to put tea in a large-diameter pot.
The calibre stool can be fed in the tea pot, which is conducive to the release of tea fragrance.

– The water flows smoothly and the tea is delicious.
The water flow is smooth and does not block the tea, and the water directly hits the bottom of the cup.

– Inverted cover does not fall off, strong sealing.
Tea cover upside down does not fall off, showing the superb production technology, high collection value.

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