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Fujian Wu Yi Mountain Oolong Tea – Tieluohan Super Oolong Tea



Product Category: Tieluohan
Type: Spring Tea
Taste: The rock feeling is mellow
Seller-to-Seller: Bulk
Raw Materials and Ingredients: Four Fresh Fir Leaves in Wu Yi Mountain
Specialty or not: Yes
Warranty Period: more than 12 months (months)
Storage method: avoid light, moisture and odor
Features: Green Food

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Tea Garden

Wu Yi Mountain, located in the northeast of Fujian Province, is known as “the wonderful scenery is in the first place in the southeast”. The mountains are connected, the canyons are vertical and horizontal, and the Jiu Qu River lingers in the meantime. The climate is mild, the winter is warm and the summer is cool, and the rainfall is abundant. There are many steep precipices and cliffs on the mountain. Tea growers use rock concaves, rock crevices and rock crevices to build stone banks along the edge to plant tea, which is called “potted” tea garden. Because of the saying that “there is tea in rocks, and there is no tea without rocks”, rock tea is named since then.

Tea characteristics

Tieluohan tea, an Oolong tea, was originated in the Qing and Qianlong dynasties, and produced in Wu Yi Mountain, a famous mountain in the south-east of wonders in northern Fujian. It mainly distributes in the inner mountains of Wu Yi Mountain (Rock Monutain) and grows in rock crevices. Tieluohan has tight outline, green-brown and fresh color. After brewing, the soup is orange-yellow and bright. The leaves are red and green. Typical leaves have the aesthetic feeling of green-leaf-red edge.

Its products are mainly made by sun-drying, cool-green, making-green, fried-green, initial kneading, re-fried, re-kneading, water-roasting, winnowing, cooling, picking, re-roasting, re-winnowing and filling fire. It has a mellow taste, amber soup color, clear and transparent, soft, bright and elastic bottom, and natural stretching.

Brewing Method
  1. Method of brewing in cup. Brew with cup: Use 200 ml large cup (suitable for all kinds of materials, glass cup is the most appropriate), take 5g white tea with 90 degrees boiling water. Firstly warm it until there is some fragrance, then directly brew with boiling water. And it can be drunk a minute later.
  2. Bowl covering method. Cover with bowl: Take 3G white tea and put it in the middle cover bowl, warm it with 90 degree boiling water and warm it until there is fragrance. Then, like Kung Fu tea brewing method, the first brewing is 45 seconds, each brewing later lasts 20 seconds, then you can taste fresh tea.
  3. Method of brewing in pot. Brew with pot: Take 7-10g white tea and put it into the pot. After warming it with 90 degrees boiling water, and then brewing it with 100 degrees boiling water. After 45 seconds to 60 seconds, the water can be drunk, so that you can taste pure and mellow tea.
  4. Great pot method. Use a large pot: Take 10-15g white tea and put it into the pot and brew it directly with boiling water of 90-100 degrees. Drink directly, and brew it with boiled water. Then you can drink it from morning to night, the taste is particularly mellow and refreshing.

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