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Rock Tea Qilan Oolong Tea – Qingxiang Oolong Tea



Tea species: Qilan tea
Growth Season: Spring
Grade: Super Level
Origin: China
Provinces: Fujian Province
City: Zhangzhou
Shape: Strong knot
Type: Great aroma rum
Taste: Fresh, mellow and refreshing

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Tea Garden

Qilan tea is produced in Nanhua Mountain, southeastern Xingning City, Guangdong Province. The climate is warm, the soil is deep and fertile, and the natural conditions are superior. Qilan Tea belongs to Oolong Tea. It is compact and strong in shape, dark in color and luster, yellow and green in soup, rich in orchid fragrance, mellow, smooth and sweet in taste, green and red in base of leaves, and resistant to brewing.

Wuyi Qilan tea is one of the well-known varieties of Wuyi Rock Tea, which is processed at medium temperature. Dry tea appearance: dark brown-green color, tightly knotted and even; soup color: orange, bright, aroma dissolved in water, lasting unchanged; aroma: honey, orchid fragrance.

Tea characteristics

Wuyi Tea and Qilan Tea can be divided into three types according to different fire-cultivation techniques, which belong to the fire-clearing type.

  • The first kind is fragrant, a little domineering, commonly known as domineering. After drinking, the fragrance will be full of your mouth, and the sweet taste is strong. The tea enter the abdomen through the throat, which feels very comfortable and excellent.
  • The scent of the second fire-clearing Qilan Tea is not as domineering as the first kind.
  • The third kind of Wuyi Qilan is medium-fired Qilan, which is also the roasting of the second kind of Wuyi Qilan. After roasting, the taste of this kind of medium-fired Qilan has changed, and the taste has a little bitter and burnt after drinking, but the fragrance of tea is much thicker and deeper, so is sweet taste, except that the fragrance is not as exuberant as fire-clearing Qilan.

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