Spring Anxi Xiping Benshan Oolong Tea – High Quality Wholesale Luzhou Flavor

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Origin: Fujian
Production area: Oolong in South Fujian
Product Category: Southern Fujian Colors
Variety: Benshan
Type: Spring Tea
Taste: Fresh fragrance (Xiaoqing)
Taste: mellow and delicious
Aroma: Medium aroma
Raw Materials and Ingredients: Fresh Tea Green
Net: 97 (%)
Specialty: Yes.

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Silver Needle white tea processing

The shape of Benshan tea is still robust, compact and dense, with bright red stalks, slender and neat, slightly larger tail and bright bamboo knots.The color is dark and ripe banana skin color, with green pedicels green belly red dot characteristics. Soup orange or light yellow, tasty Pure, slightly stiff, aroma similar to Tieguanyin but lighter. The bottom of the leaf is yellow-green, the tip of the tail is thin, rectangular, and the surface of the blade raised.The central vein is slightly white.

The leaves of Camellia sinensis are uneven in size, with dense buds and slender stems. Dry tea is similar to Tieguanyin, and its noodles are better than Tieguanyin.Tea noodles are big. Tea stalk meat connected with skin, commonly known as the “Bamboo Festival”. The central vein of the soaked Benshan tea is white and prominent, and the leaves are white and conspicuous.The film is long and thin. Generally speaking, the tea soup of Benshan tea is orange.

ben shan

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100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz) SAVE 30%, 500g (7oz) SAVE 50%, Sample 20g (10g * 2)

6 reviews for Spring Anxi Xiping Benshan Oolong Tea – High Quality Wholesale Luzhou Flavor

  1. Zigfried

    I drink a lot of oolong tea. It is nice to have this one in a good value for the money. Mine came with a very functionalacrylic vacume sealed container. Quite pleased overall for money spent.

  2. A.L.

    fresh and great taste, will buy it again.

  3. Sam

    I usually drink Earl Grey tea. So this Oolong is a little bland flavor for me but it has multiple health benefits. I add up a wedge of lime and ginger into my teapot. It takes at least 20 min to brew and its not very strong therefore I put some extra tea, approximately 1.5 teaspoons for 2.5 cups or so. I usually brew it once but twice should do it too.

  4. Taima

    Tea received, bought many times, my family bought nearly a year, the taste can, not astringent, there is a faint fragrance, like it very much.

  5. J&W

    Great tea. Speaking as a Chinese born in China who drink a lot of green tea back home

  6. M&S

    Great smooth flavor and aroma. One of the best oolong’s I have ever had. – Sam

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